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Finance ready plan: The coolest milk drink of Kenya

Laki Laki produces and sells yoghurt drinks for tourists in Kenya.

Finance ready plan: Sustainable red bird eye chili production

Geoffman Enterprises promotes the cultivation of Ugandan red bird eye chili for the economic sustainability of the West Nile region of northern Uganda.

Finance ready plan: Secretarial services in Uganda

Jilpa Secretarial Services, founded in 2012, is a new workshop servicing the Gulu District in North Uganda, offering local businesses the opportunity to outsource their secretarial needs.

Finance ready plan: High quality Senegalese vegetables

KERNATT is a rural enterprise that strives to meet high quality expectations and keep in touch with shifting consumer demands in the vegetable crops industry.

Finance ready plan: Passion and hard work in Kenyan film and TV

Film making in Africa gives the continent an opportunity to express itself, and to tell its story in its own voice. It is within this vein that the Jamhuri Film and Television Academy has been established.

Finance ready plan: Clean energy for a healthier Uganda

Providing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) design, installation, maintenance and distribution services across Uganda and other parts of East Africa, Wana Solutions (WS) is able to satisfy the bulk and cylinder requirements of its customers.

Finance ready plan: The innovative potential of TEKUTANGIJE stoves

‘Tekutangije’ literally means ‘cooking without waste’ in Rwanda’s native language, Kinyarwanda. No waste is the purpose of TEKUTANGIJE’s cooking stoves, thus reducing carbon emissions and deforestation in developing countries.

Finance ready plan: Reliable garbage collection in Uganda

Waste Masters Limited currently operates in three districts in Uganda, and is the only fully registered refuse collector in two of them, but wants to expand this number.

Finance ready plan: Simplifying IT in South Africa

MTI Technologies specialise in IT support, maintenance, supply and installation and the company is accredited with Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Linux, and IBM among others.

Finance ready plan: A healthier and tastier choice in African specialty foods

Nuba Foods’s core business is to source and supply agricultural commodities from Ghana, ranging from maize and salt to various vegetable oils, for industries in West Africa.

Finance ready plan: E-commerce platform connects craftswomen with global marketplace using mobile phones

SasaAfrica, a women-owned and run social enterprise, offers tools for the millions of female artisans in Africa to independently create sustainable micro-enterprises using mobile phones, mobile money transfers, and innovative delivery services.

Finance ready plan: Lighting Kenya, efficiently and affordably

Founded by a former investment banker, turned into a social entrepreneur, Renewable Energy Ventures provides renewable alternatives to kerosene forms of lighting.

Finance ready plan: Renewable energy solutions in Kenya

Solafrique produces solar generators as a substitute for diesel generators and offers an affordable renewable energy alternative. Their generators are stand-alone products with advanced energy storage systems that enable them to be used as a temporary or permanent energy source regardless of the weather, time, or location.

Finance ready plan: Putting the ‘care’ back into Kenya’s healthcare

Penda Health is building a chain of clinics that focus on creating great quality, accessible, warm and safe customer experiences and specialising in women’s reproductive healthcare.

Finance ready plan: Nigerian brand KIKI KAMANU set to blaze the fashion trail

KIKI KAMANU is an innovative fashion label which incorporates traditional African textiles into ready-to-wear clothing for fashion forward men and women.