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BRICs economist Jim O’Neill invests in Nigerian mobile payments company

O’Neill backs Paga as “the number one way to pay and get paid in Nigeria”.

Kenyan doctor shares seven tips on how to succeed against all odds

Expand your boundaries and be persistent, advises Dr Betty Gikonyo.

Social media in Nigeria – mobile chat dominates

A recent report highlights social media trends in Africa’s biggest economy.

‘Empowering entrepreneurs means growing a country’s economy’

Entrepreneurs are economic development assets a country should support, says Christo Botes.

Dreaming big is how Kenyan doctor built her own private hospital

Her medical training stood Dr Betty Gikonyo in good stead to become CEO of The Karen Hospital.

Potato chip manufacturer talks about getting Nigerians to buy local

“We as Nigerians always believe that foreign brands are better than locally made brands… which poses a challenge to us.”

Seven reasons why most startup businesses fail

Kenyan entrepreneur Sriram Bharatam shares his thoughts.

Exploring new business ventures in the South African market

The South African economy presents opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Carlyle private equity fund eyeing investments linked to emerging middle class

The Carlyle Group has seen greater than expected investor interest in a fund focused solely on sub-Saharan Africa.

Why SMEs shouldn’t ignore corporate governance

“Entrepreneurs often feel that corporate governance takes up precious time and energy that they would prefer to put into running their business.”

Report: Africa’s economic prosperity at risk from instability

Economic progress does not just depend on having impressive numbers of GDP growth, high-rise buildings or first-class highways.

Yes, Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy, but don’t expect a quick buck

Investors interested in Nigeria should be prepared, and be in it for the long term.

Seven South African tech startups hoping to grab your attention

From pet food to dating to rentals, 88mph has a range of startups under its wing.

From New York to Lagos: The inspiration behind a new taxi app in Nigeria

The Easy Taxi Nigeria app links customers with reputable drivers in Lagos and Abuja.

Six ways Africa can unlock its agricultural potential

Better farming methods and political commitment are ways to improve the agricultural industry.