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South Africa and US play ‘chicken’ as trade deal deadline looms

The humble chicken is at the heart of a critical trade deal between South Africa and its major trading partner, the United States.

Meet the Boss: Candace Nkoth Bisseck, country manager, Kaymu Cameroon

“It’s better to be the boss of your village than an anonymous guy in a city.”

Start-up snapshot: Wind power to improve rural electrification in Ethiopia

Kenefas Energy Solution seeks to design and manufacture micro wind turbines that generate up to 1KW for use in rural areas.

Doctor-turned-entrepreneur bullish about Ethiopia’s healthcare sector

How we made it in Africa talks to Dr Mohammed Nuri, founder and CEO of Medtech Ethiopia.

Africa Tech Trends: Taxi app wars

Africa’s taxi-hailing app industry is getting far too busy, writes Tom Jackson

What it takes to run Tanzania’s first revolving restaurant

“Being part-owner of a restaurant is not easy and it’s not glamorous.”

Smart success: Tap into Africa’s five dynamic drivers

Tapping into Africa’s five largest drivers will undoubtedly increase your chance of success.

How to understand Africa’s middle class

Ben Longman unpicks the true size of the middle class, how to understand it and track its growth.

Websites that don’t work – eight common mistakes small businesses make online

Tips on boosting your company’s online presence.

Businessman Saleh Nasreddin upbeat about Ethiopia’s food industry

Saleh Nasreddin’s journey in business.

Three lessons to be learnt from South African entrepreneurial visionaries

Key takeaways from a recent business event.

Partners in Africa – the key to success or failure?

Finding the right partner is crucial and the choice must be carefully made.

Start-up snapshot: Co-founder of Ethiopia’s Addiscan discusses his business

Our best strategy has been to approach businesses and demonstrate our product.

Meet the Boss: Saleh Nasreddin, founder, NAS Foods, Ethiopia

“In Africa, everything is good business. You just have to plan well, work hard and do it right.”

Do e-books pose a threat to traditional bookstores in South Africa?

While e-books are on the rise in South Africa, the physical book is far from out of business.