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Intra-Africa trade key to boosting African economies

“More emphasis needs to be placed on trade partnerships between African countries to drive seamless intra-Africa trade.”

Gulf investors increasingly looking to African infrastructure

New report shows Gulf companies are increasing their exposure to African infrastructure, primarily telecommunications, ports and power.

How Dutch-based Vlisco became one of Africa’s most popular fashion companies

Vlisco has products for every price point.

How to market your business in the world’s last growth frontier – Africa

Successfully marketing a brand across such a diverse continent as Africa is no easy task.

West Africans shine at 2014 Anzisha Prize Gala Awards

Cameroonian Alain Nteff named the grand prize winner of the Anzisha Prize, Africa’s premier youth entrepreneurship award.

The science and art of valuing a small business

Accurately evaluating how much a business is worth is the most challenging part of the buying and selling process.

Agriculture is Angola’s next business hotspot, says local DHL boss

Egidio Monteiro, country manager for DHL Express, talks about opportunities in the Angolan economy.

Ashish Thakkar on doing business in Africa… and becoming an astronaut

Ashish Thakkar is an entrepreneur with a vision of placing Africa at the centre of the world stage.

What role will commodities play in Africa’s growth over the coming decade?

Africa’s resource wealth has long been viewed as a key to unlocking potential economic gains.

DHL Express strengthens Africa’s links with major developed economies

Despite a challenging global economic environment, import and export trade volumes for DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa remain strong and are forecast to grow.

DHL takes innovative approach to grow retail footprint by 1000%

DHL Express has grown its retail footprint in sub-Saharan Africa by an astonishing 1,000% in less than three years.

African businesses continue to reap benefits of US-Africa trade agreement, says DHL

“Africa is the ‘last frontier’, the more we collectively focus on connecting it with the world, the more sustainable its economies will be and the more jobs we will create.”

51 countries, 60 direct reports, 4,000 employees: Meet the MD leading it all

51 countries, 60 direct reports, 60,000 customers, 4,000 employees, 14 aircraft, 2 young children and 2 dogs! Charles Brewer is the MD who loves leading all of that.

Young, bright and ambitious: Two agri-preneurs sowing seeds in Rwanda

Two young Rwandans using social agri-preneurship to improve the lives of people in their country.

‘While the US may be late to the party, it has a lot to offer Africa’

“US companies can do very well in Africa provided they put in the effort to understand the continent’s markets in detail.”