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Is your business on target? Half year check-list for business owners

Businesses which do not allocate time mid-year to reflect and plan are running the risk of not operating at their full potential.

East African oil and gas discoveries could kick-start economic transformation

Standard Bank expects East African oil and gas discoveries to fundamentally transform the region’s economies.

Doing business in Nigeria: Knowing the ins and outs before entering the market

As Nigeria continues to grow economically, so do the trade opportunities for South African businesses.

Logistics 2.0 – Augmented Reality transforms logistics processes

A new global DHL study on Augmented Reality in logistics focuses on possible applications of this emerging trend in the different stages of the supply chain.

Has Africa lost its place at the head of the mobile payments innovation race?

From the moment M-Pesa launched in Kenya in 2007, Africa was heralded as the leader in mobile payment services.

Four scenarios of what e-commerce could look like in 2025

Over the next 10 years, online retail will continue to gain popularity in both developed and emerging markets.

Entrepreneurs are often more risk-averse than you might think

The fear of failure is a common occurrence in any entrepreneur’s journey.

Meet the Boss: James Omwando, CEO, KK Security

“If there is a crisis I don’t panic.”

Manufacturing key to unlocking Africa’s industrialisation potential

“Very few countries are able to grow and accumulate wealth without investing in their manufacturing sectors.”

Communal workspaces a growing trend

“Shared workspaces offer access to all the infrastructure of an office, without the usual overhead costs.”

Local businesses should capitalise on Africa’s rising opportunities, says DHL

DHL highlights opportunities for African entrepreneurs and SMEs in the continent.

New car market in Africa remains ‘very small’

A look at the used and new car markets in Africa.

Enterprising Africa: How to get young entrepreneurs going

Youth encouraged to prioritise entrepreneurship ahead of job-seeking.

Easing movement of goods and services within Africa is critical, says DHL

African leaders discussed the need for better border management, which will enable trade between regions.

Retail industry in sub-Saharan Africa offers huge potential, says DHL

Retail expansion is key to DHL Express’s Africa business strategy.