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Top sectors for South African entrepreneurs to capitalise on in 2015

South Africa’s many challenges provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

South Africa’s top suburbs for luxury homes

Cape Town’s Atlantic seaboard suburbs dominate the list.

Tips for attracting and retaining talent in Africa

Fixed pay is no longer the dominant determinant of whether employees remain with an organisation or not.

Resilient supply chains in Africa – the key to success in 2015

As the global economy continues to change, retailers, manufacturers and other sectors are increasingly facing difficult, and sometimes unique, challenges that impact their supply chains.

Nigeria beyond 2015: Insights on Africa’s largest economy

Nigeria could be argued to present the best opportunity for many investors looking at the African continent.

Africa needs more ‘validators’ for its many entrepreneurs

Beyond mentorship, African entrepreneurs need more “validators”, according to Dr James Manyika, a director of the McKinsey Global Institute.

Most developing countries will benefit from oil price slump, says World Bank Group

Gains from low oil prices can be substantial for developing-country importers if supported by stronger global growth.

Seven business tips for a successful 2015

Inspiration for the year ahead.

How technology is changing the way business is being done in Africa

Increasing adoption of technology in sub-Saharan Africa is disrupting industries such as banking, retail and education.

Enhance your customers’ experience this joyous season

The traditional mad holiday rush is upon us and businesses – especially those in retail – need to ensure that a high level of service delivery is maintained.

Our five most interesting entrepreneur profiles of 2014

Over the past year How we made it in Africa wrote about numerous entrepreneurs doing interesting things on the continent.

Sweet spot for African private equity is in smaller deals

As African private equity markets evolve, the ‘sweet spot’ is to be found at the smaller end of the deal size spectrum.

Shop smart online this festive season

Vital tips for consumers when purchasing gifts online.

Unlocking the potential of Africa’s national oil companies

African national oil companies need sufficient resources and backing to achieve their mandates.

Why international SMEs are not recognising Africa’s growth potential

Approximately 40% of global SMEs do not perceive Africa as a growth opportunity.