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DHL Express strengthens Africa’s links with major developed economies

Despite a challenging global economic environment, import and export trade volumes for DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa remain strong and are forecast to grow.

DHL takes innovative approach to grow retail footprint by 1000%

DHL Express has grown its retail footprint in sub-Saharan Africa by an astonishing 1,000% in less than three years.

African businesses continue to reap benefits of US-Africa trade agreement, says DHL

“Africa is the ‘last frontier’, the more we collectively focus on connecting it with the world, the more sustainable its economies will be and the more jobs we will create.”

51 countries, 60 direct reports, 4,000 employees: Meet the MD leading it all

51 countries, 60 direct reports, 60,000 customers, 4,000 employees, 14 aircraft, 2 young children and 2 dogs! Charles Brewer is the MD who loves leading all of that.

Young, bright and ambitious: Two agri-preneurs sowing seeds in Rwanda

Two young Rwandans using social agri-preneurship to improve the lives of people in their country.

‘While the US may be late to the party, it has a lot to offer Africa’

“US companies can do very well in Africa provided they put in the effort to understand the continent’s markets in detail.”

African oil and energy sector fuelling global investor growth, says DHL

While oil and gas activity in West Africa is nothing new, it is the activity in East Africa which is creating a stir amongst exploration companies and of course, their suppliers.

By 2030 Nigeria could have a higher GDP than the Netherlands or Malaysia

There is another side to the Nigeria story that has been overshadowed by the recent headlines.

Is your business on target? Half year check-list for business owners

Businesses which do not allocate time mid-year to reflect and plan are running the risk of not operating at their full potential.

East African oil and gas discoveries could kick-start economic transformation

Standard Bank expects East African oil and gas discoveries to fundamentally transform the region’s economies.

Doing business in Nigeria: Knowing the ins and outs before entering the market

As Nigeria continues to grow economically, so do the trade opportunities for South African businesses.

Logistics 2.0 – Augmented Reality transforms logistics processes

A new global DHL study on Augmented Reality in logistics focuses on possible applications of this emerging trend in the different stages of the supply chain.

Has Africa lost its place at the head of the mobile payments innovation race?

From the moment M-Pesa launched in Kenya in 2007, Africa was heralded as the leader in mobile payment services.

Four scenarios of what e-commerce could look like in 2025

Over the next 10 years, online retail will continue to gain popularity in both developed and emerging markets.

Entrepreneurs are often more risk-averse than you might think

The fear of failure is a common occurrence in any entrepreneur’s journey.