US firm to invest in agriculture projects in Angola, Malawi

US-based Gaiacor International has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with MITC Investments to manage and operate large farming operations in Angola.

MITC Investments is a privately held business group in Angola interested in improving agriculture in its country.

Representatives of the Angolan government recently hosted Gaiacor senior management, including chairman Franklin D. Johnson and chief executive officer Edward Jackson, in talks regarding prospective joint ventures and large scale projects.

In ancillary business development efforts, Gaiacor is also conducting meetings with Angola- and Malawi-based NGOs as well as private entities. United States ambassador to Malawi, Peter W. Bodde, has also participated in high level discussions with Gaiacor regarding agricultural developments in that country.

Gaiacor intends to combine its experience of modern cultivation techniques and sophisticated farming practices to produce high quality and profitable crops, while providing much needed jobs to the local labour force.

The company will leverage its extensive historical experience in other developing countries such as in Pakistan and Morocco, and will use its proprietary GaiaSy management systems as well as its own teams to develop and implement profitable and successful projects in both Angola and Malawi.