SAPICS Conference and Exhibition: 9-12 June 2019

In 2019 SAPICS will host its 41st annual conference and exhibition. The conference is designed to offer practical and relevant information by providing delegates with excellent educational presentations, case studies, interactive workshops, site visits and so much more.

The Annual SAPICS Conference also offers a fantastic exhibition space for you to showcase your company, promote brand awareness and gain some free feedback on any new and/or existing product or service.

Why exhibit at SAPICS?

Generate new leads and sales

A captive audience of potential customers for your product or service. By staffing your exhibition stand with your most experienced and capable sales people should enable you to generate new sales leads and close sales easily and cost-effectively. Remember though that these staff should attend in order to gather up-to-date information and knowledge.

Build and promote brand awareness

Unparalleled opportunities to raise awareness of your business amongst the people that count. Your exhibition stand displaying your logo and brand can attract potential customers and provide increased exposure for your products and services.

Obtain free customer insight and feedback

Your exhibition stand will be visited by people who know about and use the products and services you sell. These delegates are a priceless source of feedback that can help you refine, develop and improve every aspect of your business offering. Conducting a simple survey or focus group with delegates that visit your exhibition stand can provide the kind of valuable data that you might otherwise pay an external research agency to collect on your behalf.

Effectively trial or launch a new product

There are few better places to trial a new product or service or to launch one than at a Professional event like SAPICS 2019. Hands-on product demonstrations with the people who are most likely to purchase will not only create a buzz among the community about your new product/service but can also provide useful information as to how a product/service might be modified or improved before its final release to market. The commercial tracks provide a perfect platform for the next level of product promotion.

Gain competitor intelligence

What is it that your business competitors do differently or better? Are their products or services more popular and profitable than yours? Which direction is their business moving in? At an event filled with businesses that operate in the same market space, it’s easy and free to discover exactly what the competition is up to and to use this information to enhance your own business.

Establish beneficial business partnerships

By taking the time to explore our exhibition and by talking to other exhibitors, you can reveal the potential to form mutually beneficial relationships with businesses that complement or are affiliated with your own.

Build trust with new and potential customers

Reaching out to new and potential customers face-to-face is a far more positive and effective means of generating leads and sales than traditional cold-calling or speculative email marketing campaigns. Establishing a dialogue in person at the conference not only makes follow-up calls or emails an easier proposition because you have already met the recipient, but also increases the likelihood of their success.

SAPICS Conference and Exhibition – 2019 event details

9-12 June, 2019
Cape Town, South Africa
Century City Conference Centre
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +27 11 023 6701

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