Reduce cost of building farm infrastructure with interlocking blocks

Hydraform machines can play an integral part in the infrastructure development of large scale farming operations as well as smaller farming activities.

A building constructed using Hydraform's interlocking bricks.

A building constructed using Hydraform's interlocking bricks.

There is a constant need for the building of storage facilities and housing. With the acquisition of a Hydraform machine costs can be greatly reduced through a combination of factors. Hydraform interlocking blockmaking machines produce high quality building blocks using soil, cement and water. Blocks are interlocking thus cutting out much of the need of mortar.

Benefits of owning a Hydraform interlocking blockmaking machine include:

  • Blocks are manufactured onsite using soil from the farm
  • Interlocking blocks cuts out the need for mortar by up to 75%
  • Blocks are made by hydraulically compressing a soil and cement mixture to form a high quality building block
  • Ample availability of soil on farms
  • Transport costs effectively eliminated
  • Machines are mobile and can be transported to various building sites or block yards
  • Robust machines are easy to operate
  • Constructing using Hydraform interlocking blocks is fast and easy
  • Worldwide training and support offered

Construction is made simple due to the interlocking nature of the blocks. Blocks are dry stacked on top of each of each other and interlock top and bottom, front and back. This reduces the need for skilled labourers as anyone can learn how to construct using the Hydraform building system. Further savings can be achieved by utilising labourers during slow or down periods.

Hydraform has a variety of machines suited to most applications. The range includes mobile, static, electric and diesel machines that are engineered to withstand harsh African conditions. Hydraform recently launched a new interlocking blockmaking machine called the Hydraform M9, which was designed with the agriculture market in mind. The machine is the most affordable in the Hydraform range and boasts a production capacity of 700 interlocking building blocks per day.

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