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Profit-making idea: Solar really is set to replace conventional power

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Profit-making idea is a series of short posts, each with a piece of information that we think you might find useful: for investment, for growing your company or to start a new business.

“Two things are happening: first of all the cost of solar… is absolutely tumbling worldwide. I’m not talking just about domestic rooftop stuff – [I’m talking] utility-scale solar.

“Secondly, storage technology is starting to creep up… There is probably a point five to 10 to 15 years in the future, where if you have the right storage technology… all you need is solar plus storage. Maybe if you’ve got a lot of wind, you can have some wind as well. You don’t need large hyrdos, you don’t need large coal plants, you don’t need large nuclear plants, you don’t need large gas plants… This is pure economics – we are getting there. Even in developed economies this is going to gradually happen… In African countries I think it is going to happen faster, because the grid isn’t there at all, in most economies.”

– Jonathan Berman, MD, Fieldstone Africa

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  • Fritz

    Often this point is not overseen:
    How to overcome small power output? Charging a smart phone and feeding some LEDs is not enough to keep people in remote areas.
    In fact you can have high power output even with a small pv system. This rises the living quality drastically:

    0,5 – 1kW PV
    0,5 – 1kW charge controller
    250 – 500Ah 12V (lead gel acid) battery
    but please buy a !!! 4kW DC 12V /AC 220V inverter !!!

    Now you can do even electric welding, grinding, water heater, microwave, freezer,… Because they suck maybe up to 4kW but short time only.
    Short thinking is to have a small inverter – this is the bottle neck to wide and useful us of PV.

  • William Fitzgerald

    Brilliant. Would also like to see African companies producing solar panels.

    • Fritz

      There are many. In Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria is even producing pv silicone cells.

      • William Fitzgerald

        Forgive me, I should have said Sub-Saharan Africa. Many thanks, William

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