Nigeria: Investing in African agriculture and real estate with Subomi Plumptre

In Episode #71 of the Unlocking Africa podcast, Terser Adamu talks to Subomi Plumptre, CEO of Volition Cap, an asset management firm based in Nigeria. The company has established a $30 million fund aimed at supporting agriculture and real estate projects across Africa. Notably, Volition Cap has pioneered a unique structure that leverages traditional cooperatives, providing a novel approach to fund management. Furthermore, Volition Cap has made contributions to the African film industry by disbursing $250,000 through its entertainment and media fund.

The podcast covers the following topics:

  • Challenges faced by the African and diasporan middle classes in their pursuit of financial prosperity
  • The most attractive sectors for investment in Africa
  • Hurdles encountered when investing funds in African markets

Listen below:

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