New planned city aims to be the Las Vegas of East Africa

The 'Project Orion' city will be modelled on Las Vegas.

The ‘Project Orion’ city will be modelled on Las Vegas.

Plans are underway to build a new planned city in East Africa, with the ambitious goal of becoming the Las Vegas of the continent. The city, known only by the code name ‘Project Orion’, is set to feature world-class casinos, luxury hotels, entertainment venues, and a range of other tourist attractions.

While the location of Project Orion is still under wraps, the developers behind the project are exploring multiple countries in East Africa as potential sites. “We are considering a number of different locations in the region, each with its own unique advantages and challenges,” said the lead developer, who wished to remain anonymous.

The project is the brainchild of a consortium of wealthy African tech startup founders, together with a well-known musician who wishes to remain anonymous. The group came up with the idea while attending a tech conference in Las Vegas, and decided that East Africa needs something similar. “We see this project as a means of giving back while continuing to make even more money,” said one of the startup founders, who preferred not to be named.

The city will be built with sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind, utilising the latest technology and materials to create a modern and eco-friendly urban centre. The developers are also committed to working closely with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that the new city is both successful and beneficial to the region.

The developers of Project Orion aim to attract international high-net-worth individuals as well as politicians from across Africa to the new city.

While the announcement of Project Orion on April Fool’s Day may seem like a playful idea, the developers are serious about their plans for the new city. “This is not a joke, but a bold and ambitious project that we believe will transform East Africa and the continent as a whole,” the developer said.

As Project Orion takes shape, more information is expected to be released about the location, timeline, and scope of the project. The developers are confident that the new city will be a game-changer for tourism and entertainment in East Africa, putting the region on the map as a premier destination for visitors from around the world.