Manufacture interlocking soil-cement blocks on site

South African-based company Hydraform is offering entrepreneurs a unique business opportunity in the construction industry to manufacture interlocking soil-cement blocks that can be used for the construction of a variety of buildings.

A building constructed using Hydraform's interlocking bricks.

A building constructed using Hydraform's interlocking blocks.

Machines can be used to manufacture blocks for the use in construction purposes of low cost housing to upmarket estates, schools, universities, clinics and commercial structures or to start a block yard business in selling interlocking soil cement blocks.

Interlocking blocks are manufactured with Hydraform’s robust mobile machines, using only three inputs, namely soil that can be sourced on site (raw materials), a small amount of cement that provides stability to the blocks, and water.

Hydraform soil-cement blocks lock front to back, top and bottom so the blocks can be dry stacked, saving time in the construction process. What is unique about the dry-stacking building system is that mortar is only used in the first few rows of the foundation and then again in the top three or four rows – 75% of the structure is built without cement. In addition to structural strength and durability, Hydraform’s buildings also have good thermal qualities and because blocks are produced with local soil the blocks are aesthetically pleasing.

Hydraform’s building system has the following advantages:

  • low cost construction
  • speed and ease of construction
  • unskilled labour can be used
  • mobile machines enable construction anywhere, including remote areas
  • onsite training anywhere in the world, or through our dedicated training academy in Johannesburg South Africa

One company that has built a sustainable business by using Hydraform’s machines is Hydra Homes Malawi Ltd. Formed in 2009, the company currently has over 200 employees engaged in construction projects across Malawi.

Hydra Homes Malawi specialises in dry-stacked interlocking construction utilising Hydraform blocks. This sets them apart from any other construction company in Malawi in the fact that they can deliver quality housing at a much faster rate compared to conventional building methods. With the cost factor and aesthetics of Hydraform buildings comes high demand in the housing sector, and Hydra Homes Malawi are fulfilling those demands.

Building solutions for the agricultural sector

Hydraform’s building technology is also popular with farmers and agricultural communities in Africa.

By using soil that is dug from the earth, usually at the building site, and low cement content, Hydraform’s machines can manufacture building blocks that can be used in farm housing, farm storage facilities, lodges, boundary walls, horse stables and much more. Blocks can be manufactured on demand and costs controlled.

The variety of machines available suits any requirement. Machines can be supplied mobile or stationary, diesel or electric. This means that any project, remote or suburban can be completed using a Hydraform machine.

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