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Increased profits through drying and juicing of fruit & vegetables

Every year large quantities of fruits and vegetables go to waste in Africa due to various reasons including very limited access to further processing technologies and facilities.

South Africa-based Dryers for Africa now offers African farmers, entrepreneurs and business people the opportunity to add value to excess fruit and vegetables through drying and/or juicing.

Processing by drying and/or juicing can add value to the produce while also extending shelf life and reducing transport costs. It also makes it possible to earn a handsome return on over-supplied or blemished fruit that would otherwise goes to waste.

Dryers for Africa specialises in the design and manufacture of agricultural processing equipment. The company has for the last decade been designing and building dryers and processing equipment for commercial and small-scale emerging farmers.

Dryers for Africa manufactures dryers and processing equipment for a variety of products:

  • Fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs drying systems
  • Fruit and vegetable pulp and juicing equipment
  • Macadamia nut on-farm and final drying
  • Biltong drying
  • Fish drying
  • Seed dehydration
  • Wood drying
  • Insulated cold / freezer rooms
  • Isoboard room insulation
  • Electrical panels and enviro controls

The company’s success has been largely due to extensive knowledge and experience in the drying and processing of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and meat. The process of drying and juicing has in the past been the domain of large commercial organisations with the exception of sun-drying, which has a number of limitations.

Dryers for Africa’s “low technology” systems minimise the need for highly skilled engineers and electricians. A variety of heating sources – electricity, gas, coal or biomas fuel – can be used, depending on local availability and cost. The company has the expertise and knowledge to customise a system to each client’s specific needs, climate and work environment.

Dryers for Africa has been involved in numerous projects across Africa, including countries such as Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Swaziland and Tanzania.

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For more information, or to request a quote, contact Hamish Brebner at:

Email: [email protected]


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  • K Ramrethan

    I need a quotation for vegetable and fruit drying machine please,would you kindly e-mail it to me.

  • Peter wangondu

    need to know how much t5he machines would cost

  • Paul Thulo

    there are lot of peasmches in Lesotho that become a waste every year. As a youth association we wish to know more about the size and prices of your dryers as we want to dry peaches.

  • George Sam Osakonor

    Hi there. There’s a great deal of fruit that go waste in Ghana. We want to collaborate as a Joint Venture to produce fruit juices and beverages for the large school feeding program. Give us a quote and further details.

  • Hi,my wish is to have this kind of business please help.

  • Melu Nyathi

    I need a qoutation of the vegetable and fruit dryers.I am in Zimbabwe.

  • MMR

    I’m interested, would you kindly send me the quotation to my e-mail address.

  • Stacia Nordin

    – This is great to preserve foods, but there are ways to do it with sustainable energy sources – please also design things that are good for our environment and our economy. I love the concept of preservation though, we have SO much that gets wasted. I’ve also posted this to the company to see if they do do this already but I’m missing it.

  • Pete Stone

    can you send me a qoutation at [email protected] on all your equipment

  • James Ochieng

    Hi, I would like to start a fruit and other foods drying project in Kenya to save farmers from wastage. Kindly more details on how to start plus costs

  • malcolm

    Hi I would like to be contacted just to get further information and clarity on this innovative idea.0827840323 Thanks MALCOLM

  • Emmanuel Emaasit

    I have interest in this item, I would like like to get an indicative price of acquiring this and being an agent in Uganda.

    Thank you.

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