Erdvark – robust low-maintenance agricultural equipment for African conditions

Erdvark, a South African-based manufacturer of agricultural implements and machinery, is offering African farmers quality solutions to their equipment needs.

The trade name, Erdvark, has been in existence for about 60 years. The Marais family noticed that in areas where the erdvark (the Afrikaans word for anteater) dug holes, the grain grew much better. They therefore developed a plough that worked deeper than existing ploughs and started the factory in Moorreesburg, situated in the Western Cape Province. Around 1990, the factory was sold to the Rossouw brothers and was moved to the Trawal area.

In the beginning the factory concentrated on mouldboard ploughs, but through the years the series was enlarged. Today the company manufactures a range of disc ploughs, graders and other agricultural implements. All products are thoroughly tested at the factory. In addition to being sold in the South African market, Erdvark implements are exported to other African countries such as Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, the DRC and Mozambique.

Erdvark’s products are manufactured specifically for African conditions and require minimum maintenance. Maintenance can be done easily on the farm with affordable parts. Over the years Erdvark has established good relations with a dealer network throughout South Africa and neighbouring states.

Erdvark manufactures robust implements that allows the farmer to do his work without spending too much time on repairs.

Examples of products

3-Point Disc Plough
Heavy duty, welded pipe type frame.
Easy horizontal and vertical disc cutting angle and stabiliser wheel adjustments.
100% guarantee that no dust or sand can enter disc hub under normal working conditions.
Equipped with a stand for easy attachment to tractor.
No lubrication of disc hubs between service intervals.

Heavy Duty Offset Disc (Rome Type)
Heavy duty Erdvark Bearing Unit with 65 mm disc axle.
100% Guarantee that no dust and sand can enter bearing-unit under normal working conditions.
Bearing Unit requires no service or lubrication.
Ideal for the cutting of lands that has been deforest and for the preparations of plantations.

Offset Disc Drawbar Type (Light Duty)
100% Guarantee that no dust and sand can enter bearing-unit under normal working conditions.
Discs-gang cutting angles adjustment 15 – 28 deg.
560mm Notched discs in front and plain at rear.
Short compact construction with small turn circle where space is limited.
Ideal for vineyards, fruit orchards and vegetable cultivation.

3-Point Grader
Maintenance of farm roads.
Maintain fire breaks.
Leveling irrigation fields.
Manure grading.

Maintenance of farm roads and the building of new roads.
Make new and maintain fire breaks.
Building and maintenance of contours.
Leveling irrigation fields.
Landing-strip for airplanes.
Grading of irrigation furrows and digging of trenches.

Grain Cart
Load can be offloaded in 4 – 5 minutes (3m³ per minute).
Canvas is provided to protect the load.
The load can be offloaded via the auger or the sluice at the bottom.
Wheel axle can be shifted to control weight on drawbar.
Sluice on vertical auger to separate load from auger so that compaction on auger can not occur.

Stone Trailer
Manually operated support leg.
65mm Axle, Track Width = 1600mm
3 Ton Models: Tyres 10.5/65-16 14 Ply.
5 Ton Models: Tyres 10.5/80-18 14 Ply.
8 Ton Models: Tyres 12.0-18.
Floor and Side 6mm plate.
Run-in brakes for farm use is optional extra available.

Protects the tractor with a break bolt action.
Shank spacing adjustable on the frame.
Depth control wheel is available optionally.
Frame clearance on maximum working depth = 150mm.
Robust V-shape frame allows penetration at fewer kW.
Wing on shank optional for excellent aeration and loosening of compacted layers.

Grain Hammer Mill (Diesel motor)
Ideal for the milling of grain crops.
Capacity of crushed mealies up to 3 tons per hour.
Sieves are available in hole sizes from 3 to 12mm.
Different degrees of flour can be milled by changing sieves.
Direct propulsion, no pulleys or belts that can give problems.

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