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Soda King, a South Africa-based manufacturer of soft drinks, purified still & flavoured waters, fruit juices and speciality malt drinks, is offering business people and entrepreneurs across the continent a unique franchise opportunity to establish a bottling plant in their country of choice.

Soda King offers an amazing range of delicious carbonated soft drinks, as well as premium still, sparkling and flavoured water variants. A new range of 100% fruit juices has been added to the offering as well as the popular dark and flavoured non-alcoholic malt drinks. The company is owner of the Soda King, King Cola, King Malta, Soraya and Aqua King brand names.

New – “100% nothing-but-pure JOOZ”
Soda King has come up with a new concept in fruit juice production. The recently launched JOOZ range of 100% fruit juices is produced using a unique UV-light treatment that allows for the product to be kept at ambient temperature (<37 deg Celsius) for a period of 3 months!

That means no refrigeration, no cold-chain, no need to keep the juices in a cooler at all times. For retailers, caterers, hotels, restaurants and bars this means the ability to buy in bulk and save, whilst storing the juice in their unrefrigerated warehouse. Displaying the product on shelves as well as in the beverage coolers means more exposure and more sales!

The five flavours are available in on-the-go 350ml bottles with a sports cap, a 1.5 litre family bottle and a 4 litre bulk bottle.

The funky label is distinctive, clear and has an innovative “JOOZY FACTS” bubble to inform consumers of the other available flavours.

The juices taste great, have a clear message and visual appeal and above all, can be stored at AMBIENT temperatures.

Soda King Traditional, King Cola and Soda King LITE
The traditional range of Soda King carbonated soft drinks consists of 16 delicious flavours, including King Cola, the classic cola flavour. These beverages are available in 2L (or 1.5L/1.25L depending on regional preferences) family sizes, convenient 500ml bottles and also in on-the-go 330ml sizes – all in safe, PET plastic bottles.

The popular flavours are based on exact, tested recipes and consistent standards. Only sugar is used to sweeten the drinks and no artificial sweeteners are used whatsoever. All products are also completely tartrazine free.

The Soda King LITE range is aimed at the health-conscious and diabetes market. This sugar-free alternative is available in six of the 16 traditional Soda King flavours.

King Malta
It’s dark. It’s strong. It’s irresistible. Of course we’re talking about the new Premium malt drink – “King Malta”.

This slightly sparking, non-alcoholic malt beverage has been launched in 2011.

The pure and carefully selected roasted barley malts also have numerous nutritional qualities – containing more than 30 minerals and elements.

Soraya Apple Flavoured Malt Drink
Soraya is the slightly sparkling, non-alcoholic alternative with a hidden surprise – it’s both apple flavoured and malt based. And it offers so much more than merely being a delicious beverage. The proteins and amino acids contained in malt boost the immune system and nerve impulse transportation.

Malt also offers all the important B-vitamins (important for muscle metabolism and nerve activity, transforming carbohydrates into energy), as well as vitamins A, D and E, and folic acid.The Soraya blonde malt drink is thus not only delicious, it’s also wholesome and a very good source of energy.

Soon Soraya Flavoured Malt Drinks will also be available in Wild Amarula and Pineapple flavours.

Aqua King
The Aqua King range of purified waters consists of a premium still water, a sparkling water, as well as five fruity flavoured drinks. These filtered water varieties are purified and bottled according to strict standards using an RO (Reverse Osmosis) Filtration system which removes all impurities.

An additional UV light and Ozone treatment also successfully kills any bacteria contained in the water. All H2O flavours are sweetened using only high quality fructose. No artificial sweeteners are thus added to the water. Hydrate with Aqua King and rediscover the goodness of water.

Franchise opportunity

Soda King, a South Africa-based manufacturer of soft drinks, purified still & flavoured waters, fruit juices and speciality malt drinks, is offering business people and entrepreneurs across the continent a unique franchise opportunity to establish a bottling plant in their country of choice.

Soda King supplies a turnkey franchise opportunity, with manufacturing starting from day one of opening the factory. Setting up a Soda King franchise is usually accomplished within three months from having signed the franchise agreement and making the requisite payments.

Entrepreneurs establish a localised bottling plant and acquire the exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute and sell the full Soda King range of carbonated cool drinks, as well as the range of Aqua King waters and the two new malt drinks in a specific area/country. Utilising the trade secrets, operational systems and marketing tools developed by Soda King over many years, the franchise allows for flexible, low-cost production in a simple, streamlined operation, requiring minimal capital input.

This franchise is a turnkey package which incorporates all a franchisee needs to start-up a bottling plant and deliver the final products to the consumers. It includes full technical, financial, marketing and business systems training, as well as an initial supply of raw materials and labels. The franchisor also provides on-going support in all areas of production methodology, market penetration and marketing material development.

The Concentrates that are used to bottle the Soda King range of products are tried and tested and are manufactured at Soda King’s Cape Town Factory. The Franchisee is guaranteed of the on-going supply of such, together with all packaging material, such as PET pre-forms, labels, bottle tops and other packaging material.

The equipment includes water purification, stretch-blow moulding machine to blow your own PET bottle, mixing, blending, carbonating and a 3-in-1 Monobloc (rinsing, filling, capping) machine, date-coding and labelling machine as well as end-of-line shrink wrapping plant.

The PET blowing machine can also be used to blow PET bottles for other customers who need bottles for filling edible oil, cosmetics or cleaning materials, to name a few. This offers an additional profit opportunity for the franchisee.

Soda King currently has ten franchised outlets – three in South Africa and one each in Swaziland, Zambia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Senegal, Somalia and Namibia. New facilities in Nigeria, Ghana and Malawi are also expected to open soon.

The average franchise set-up cost is between US$380,000 and $450,000, depending on the client’s requirements.

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