Build housing, storage facilities, stables and more with interlocking blockmaking machines

Hydraform has been manufacturing brick and blockmaking machines for over 23 years. Hydraform has developed a range of innovative interlocking blockmaking machines which have been sold to over 50 countries around the world.

Utilising compressed earth block technology, Hydraform blockmaking machines manufacture interlocking building blocks that are dry stacked on top of each other during the construction process. Blocks interlock back to front and top to bottom. This effectively eliminates the need for mortar by 70% in the total structure, which results in a big overall saving in construction costs.

The Hydraform building system has been embraced across the African continent with great results ranging from major housing projects to smaller projects on privately owned farms. The range of blockmaking machines caters for all markets and with the introduction of the latest innovation in the form of the Hydraform M9, the agricultural market can benefit immensely from this affordable blockmaking machine. The machine was specifically designed to be more affordable that its predecessors and aimed at farmers who are looking to construct structures such as housing, storage facilities, horse stables and other farm buildings in a cost effective manner. The Hydraform M9 is capable of comfortably producing 500 high quality interlocking buildings blocks per day and is ideal for smaller projects.

Building blocks are manufactured by compressing a mixture of soil, cement and water. Sub-soil can be dug from the building site or elsewhere on the farm. It is then mixed with a small amount of cement and water is added. The soil blocks are similar in cost when compared to conventional bricks; however the amount of blocks used per square metre of construction is considerably less. Cost saving is evident in the completion of the project as less blocks are used in the construction process and mortar is only used in the first and last four courses of laid blocks.

The ability to manufacture blocks on site also cuts out the need for expensive delivery or transportation costs to farms that are far from suppliers. On site block production is also a great way to utilise workforce during crop cycles or downtime as machines are easy to operate and maintain.

The new Hydraform M9 was recently launched at the Nampo Agricultural show in South Africa with great success. Farmers agreed that the latest innovation would be a great addition to any farm whether they are looking to develop their farm or by creating an extra revenue stream by selling building blocks.

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