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Zain launches ‘Zap’ in Ghana

‘Zap’, Zain’s mobile commerce service that allows customers to use their mobile phones like a mobile wallet to pay for goods and services and conduct banking services regardless of the type of handset they use, was launched today in Accra, Ghana.

Zain Ghana is the seventh Zain mobile operation to launch ‘Zap’ following the successful implementation of the service in Kenya, Malawi, Niger, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda.

‘Zap’ allows Zain customers to:

  • Pay bills and pay for goods and services
  • Receive and send money to friends and family
  • Top up their own airtime account or top up someone else’s

In the following weeks, customers will also be able to:

  • Send and receive money to their bank accounts
  • Withdraw cash
  • Manage their bank accounts

In a statement made at the launch, Philip Sowah, country manager of Zain Ghana, stated: “Once again, Zain is creating a wonderful world where customers can move about freely with their mobile phones transacting on goods and services. Our aim is to create an eco-system where ‘Zap’ enriches lives by providing customers with increased security and flexibility, reducing the need to carry cash. The positive economic and social effects on the community we serve will be abundant.”


    This is a journalistic strategy of making the public think all is going on well. Zain Zap will be a flop just as MTN money transfer is on verge of dying a premature death. The reason is that you follow what others do without carrying out feasibility studies based on values of the people. Secondly, these networks companies take the people for a ride. They don’t practice what they preach. Their services are very boring and they use different means of cheating end users. Now, all of those phones network companies are into gambling involving children under age.

  • Prakish

    now all this belongs to Bharti

  • admin

    This is great news!

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