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Which countries have the most potential for sugar cane growing and processing?

Question: Which countries in Africa have the best potential for sugar cane growing and processing? Submitted by David

Answer 1: Mozambique has probably got the most potential at the moment. The country has significant areas of land that are not fully being utilised. Mozambique also has adequate water for irrigation that is currently just running into the sea.

Places like Sudan and Ethiopia also have good potential but they haven’t got the water.

Answered by Mike von Kaufmann, founder of Kaufmann Agricultural Consultants

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  • Touss

    I think DRC has the best potential for such industry. There is tremendous land availability, large rivers (not only te congo River) for water supply, great potential for hydropower to supply energy to plants and people to work on land. What is also extraordinary is that the DRC has definetly similar climat as Brazil (both coutries are placed on equator line) which is the number one in this industry.

  • Paul Baboolal

    I Believe that Nigeria has great potential since Dangote is importing most of his raw sugar, he should think about building a few sugar mills to the capicity of about 500TCH to 800TCH to sustain his sugar refinery. By doing this he will create more jobs for his people and he will be able to make a lot more money than he is making at the present time. This can and will take him up to be in the top 10 wealthiest man in the world. Mr Dangote think about it!!!!!

  • Dan Acquaye

    Guinea also has lots of water bodies for sugar cane production. However other factors including infrastructure and political stability are important

  • Pete

    “Sudan hasn’t got the water”?…. I hear the Nile is quite large

  • Nav

    What about Ghana ? I think there is good potential there but then I may be wrong. However, Mozambique is the best!

  • Abdul

    I ideally i think also uganda has potential on sugar growing… lots rain, mass land which is not also utilized..

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