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The top 10 richest African billionaires

The Forbes 2011 Billionaires List was recently released. Topping this year’s ranking of 1,210 billionaires is Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu. The telecom mogul, who earns 62% of his fortune from America Movil, is now worth US$74 billion and way ahead of his two closest rivals. Bill Gates, No. 2, and Warren Buffett, No. 3, both added a more modest $3 billion to their piles and are now worth $56 billion and $50 billion, respectively.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote is Africa's richest man according to Forbes.

A number of African business people also made this year’s list, here are the top 10.

1. Aliko Dangote
Country of citizenship: Nigeria
Net worth: $13.8 billion
Source of wealth: Sugar, flour, cement , inherited and growing
Marital status: Married
Children: 3
Overall position: 51

2. Nicky Oppenheimer & family
Country of citizenship: South Africa
Net worth: $7 billion
Source of wealth: De Beers, inherited
Marital Status: Married
Children: 1
Overall position: 136

3. Nassef Sawiris
Country of citizenship: Egypt
Net worth: $5.6 billion
Source of wealth: Construction, inherited and growing
Overall position: 182

4. Johann Rupert & family
Country of citizenship: South Africa
Net worth: $4.8 billion
Source of wealth: Luxury goods, inherited and growing
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3
Overall position: 219

5. Naguib Sawiris
Country of citizenship: Egypt
Net worth: $3.5 billion
Source of wealth: Telecom, inherited and growing
Marital Status: Married
Children: 4
Overall position: 310

6. Patrice Motsepe
Country of citizenship: South Africa
Net worth: $3.3 billion
Source of wealth: Mining, self-made
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3
Overall position: 336

7. Onsi Sawiris
Country of citizenship: Egypt
Net worth: $2.9 billion
Source of wealth: Construction, self-made
Marital status: Married
Children: 3
Overall position: 393

8. Mohamed Mansour
Country of citizenship: Egypt
Net worth: $2 billion
Source of wealth: Cotton trading, inherited and growing
Marital status: Married
Children: 2
Overall position: 595

9. Mike Adenuga
Country of citizenship: Nigeria
Net worth: $2 billion
Source of wealth: Banking, self-made
Marital Status: Married
Overall position: 595

10.Yasseen Mansour
Country of citizenship: Egypt
Net worth: $1.8 billion
Source of wealth: Diversified, inherited and growing
Marital status: Married
Children: 4
Overall position: 692

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  • auwalu salisu oboy (ASO)

    I need ur blessing and praayer

  • auwalu salisu oboy (ASO)

    It realy fantastatic Aliko is no 1 in Africa,! But keep believing that I will past him recently in 2019 yes Believe that I will be the no 1 world richest man..m..thats mee sHowBoy but typically my name Is auwalu salisu oboy which I called (ASO)


    Its very interesting and admiring to see african from that dark continent africa going to the light of richest. But something that troubles my mind is that why is the problem that our african billionaires are not making affords to eradicate poverty out of africa by building youths entrepreneurs abilities, giving loans to petty business people as well as extending businesses to other parts of the continent. Their wealths will only be consider when AFRICA is no more the poorest in the world. I pray to God for a better and prosperous africa for majority african not for minority africa. Melvin Clarke, Zwedru -Liberia.


    it motivates me

  • SBK

    It is now time for Africans to prove themselves they are also capable to make and enjoy wealth they’ve created

  • Barry Adams

    The entire list may not be accurate.It is a worthwhile exercise. There are more Doller- Billionaires who are not listed. Though, many made their wealths through dubious, ill-gotten and fraudulent means. Yet, abject poverty is pervasive in the land.

  • i am the net danguto

  • Fantastic to see self-made men and women. No offense to the other gentlemen, but people that started from nothing is to be admired. I can speak from experience, it was not an easy road. Good luck to All. Faizal

  • God bless my contry

  • GOD BLESS Africa. Who wants 2 serve each oda if we ar all billonaires?. ALL FINGERS ar nt equal .take note cut ur material accordin 2 ur sactisfaction .tank u .08092101405

  • Akinyemi Nathaniel

    I Blive Dat One Day I Wil Be Well No Just Lyk Aliko Dangote Nd Mike Adenuga. Yes I Belive

  • sungab

    we are suffering in nigeria

  • marvel masa

    i am one of those who are dream to be a young richest africa by focus and put in determination

  • Aliko Esau

    So far what i’ve learned from these billionaires…is entrepreneurship pays and it pays alot.i’ve to kip on ..soon i will on top representing from TANZANIA.

  • Dickson

    I wish this African billionaires could empowere other affricans so that at least in a yaer we have five millionaires and millionaires produce just rich people, i also say poverty would be a thing of the past. I also wish myself the best, if god can borrow me some days to live for show one day i will be there…………

  • itumeleng

    I have spotted a place somewhere in free state,hod do I go about to get myself a franchise of old fashioned mr fish and chips and start myu own business?

  • umar kendals

    africans we are doing great. just wait for the 1st richest man in the world as an african umar kendals of uganda

  • omar scaba scuba


  • gcina mnisi pta

    Self made billionairs r the real billionairs

  • gcina mnisi pta

    If you give man fish,you will only feed him for a day but if you teach man how to fish then you have feed him for his entire lifetime.

  • William Motion designer

    For all who need mentoring and inspiration to be successful (billionaires or not) I have one very important tip to share with you:

    It’s far easier to be wealthy in Africa than in Europe or the U.S.A. Reason? there are problems everywhere. Identify a problem and provide a solution to it. You’d be rendering a service and earning (and employing) while at it.

  • waldeman

    there are so many billionaires in africa. dont you know that
    politicians in africa are the richest on the continent. some are more richer that billionaires in the united states of america.

  • Garry Muntanga

    It amazing and inspirinng to see Africans make it right here in Africa. Maybe the lesson to us the younger one could that we should learn to focus on opportunties prevailing right here in Africa and not keep seeing problems and complaining about problems. Money lies within the problems when we find solutions to them! Let’s see solutions

  • thabiso watson sambo

    bigup 2 south african richest guys .as they do cum2communities n give help

  • Gaitan Mahenge

    Remember this name and save. In the next years ya gona see dat place of Aliko Dangote. But now Iam pmpc (poor man 4rm poor country) Tanzania. Born 2 fight.

  • Clifford Matlakala Snr

    For those rich,billionaires,it would be much appreciated if they can at least try to spend an hour or so in a year to speak to youth and other prospective entrepreneurs and business people about the secrets of success so as to inspire them.

    • samuel emmanuel

      I like your sentences, that if this men should atleast one hour speech to others people, i strongly believe that many would have make it, there are many billionaire fading why? Because they don’t know the steps and rules of the game, so i agree with you for your saying. But how can we as an African help in this situation?

  • Ogbonna ifeanyi daniels

    It all comes from hard work i know we all have greatness in us but it depends on how you implement it.. I know i will make it cos its nothing but hard work determine who stays on this list.

  • kunle

    All what I could derived from all these great icon is that they all do bussines nt a salary eaner. . .

    • Jazzy

      You are spot on Kunle…..Salary earning will never make yu a billionaire…leave alone a millionaire….yu make the one who pays yu rich…ha…learn to invest and let money work for yu…start with a little and let it grow…dont be impatient…it was works….the problem with us Africans we want things overnight thus the stealing and corruption.

  • lawal


  • mustapha Akoshile

    Only does dat ve come along always realized there is still alomg way too goo. Congrats my invisible mentol Aliko Dangote.vice-vergerance of God in industrialisation.

  • Melissa

    Do we know what their philanthropic foot print looks like?

  • Ade Matr1xx – Chief Priest

    UM!!!! This is a sham list

    I can name at least 20 – 30 sitting and former African heads of state that have waaaaaaaay more money than this. Unless this list has other ctriteria of being created

    – Mubarak and family reportedly had 72 Billion US dollars
    – Gadaffi of Libya had some $40 Billion at the time he was ousted and murdered
    – As far back as 1998, Sunny Abacha amased $16 Billion

    and these names come to mind without really thinking about it. Imagine their henchmen and predecessors and successors and other sitting presidents whom you know very well that have way more money than this.

    I’m just saying….Africa must be Free

    • William

      Egede my cyp! This list is made up of genuine billionaires who made their money through clean business dealings and investments and not individuals who either stole or amassed wealth by means of dictatorship.

  • Genaro gatjens

    i can c dat Dangote is stil d richest in Africa…i mst work hard n b like him..i wan 2b a billionaire n c hw it feels..

  • melusi

    yes we can yes we can for we a rich in africa

  • victor

    i am glad to see mr motsepe doing well in africa and he is number 336 in the world wow!i’ll follow his footsteps and i believe i’ll reach no.5 at the age of 50…

  • bongani matsemela

    why do always people be against rich men? even tax where made to bring down the riches and it was invented by the government and the middles class poeple as well as the poor instant of tax bringing down the rich it bring down them and now they are the ones who blame government for everything shelters,water supply..etc.. you cant let the rich man down nometter how much you can tax him he still going to win i have a rich mind and a rich mind concker

  • bongani matsemela

    no guyz you all find it wrong education will not make us rich but education for knwoledge will make us rich if we study to open our own coperations then apply our knowledge from our educated mind then we will be rich but if we work for someone else applying our educated minds then we wont be rich yes we can afford a car a house but that is not being rich many people dont understand being rich

  • bongani matsemela

    if you can know how to invest you will play the rich game in the richest dinner table and the rich man invent money as money works for them

  • bongani matsemela

    i’m inspired by african billioners but more wealth inspired by carlos slim helu worthing 74$billion and his a owner of telecom in mexico but not forgeting about practice motsepe the richest young hansom black african man who made it as he worth R3.3billion and owner of minds anyway being rich its a talent not a academical educational proffesion its a game of how to play around with investments and remember the rich man invent money,the rich dont work for money and money works for them,i’m a young interpreniure who one day will be known

  • madey malagow

    may is madey malagow am student from somalia if i talk may idea this intire world is absidetdown that is why african contenent is the reachest erea in this world and then we are the needest pple in the world may slogen is if we acheaf them we must educated thank you so much

  • Henry Nkosi

    As an entrepreneur i believe in Africa,all i need is mentoring,thank u,MH Nkosi, +27767532992

  • Obika Anthony

    The world will be a better place when this African billonaires will make at least 5 people millonaires every month.poverty will be a thing of the past. Congratulations to the likes of Dangote,Adenuga,Okorocha Rochas and the rest of African billonaires.

    • Ntesat

      Did anybody make them billionaires? Stop daydreaming think the way they think and work the way they work and you shall be like them but not in a month.

  • Misisizwe dlamini

    i’m congradulating, Mr Master Patrice Motsepe, Mr Master mike Adenuga, Mr Master Onsi Sawaris, for being living examples that,even if you were born with nothing at hand you can make it to the top, only if you keep hardwork. I will also be so glad to have this guys as my personal advisors, as a’m climbing up the larder.

  • Bongani Hlongwa

    19 yrs old
    am dreaming of being a millioneer, as for now av got nothing…

    • Thanks God Who made my fatherland be the first in all but well its good and be expecting the richest person in the world which will come from Nigeria that is yusuff badmus (isha Allah)nd i will make it

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