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Meet the Boss: Erik Hersman, tech entrepreneur, Kenya

One of the major players in Kenya’s tech scene reveals his first job and how he relaxes.

African tech investor wants to back rule-breaking, unconventional thinkers

Mbwana Alliy identifies the traits and qualities he looks for in an entrepreneur.

Meet the Boss: Mbwana Alliy, managing partner, Savannah Fund

Fund manager encourages African countries to trade with each other.

Savannah Fund looking for ‘the winners’ among Africa’s tech startups

“The best startups tend to be foreigners who come in because they have toiled,” says tech fund boss.

Ghanaian entrepreneur describes how startups can benefit from accelerator programmes

Gerard Yitamkey, CEO and co-founder of Ahonya, explains how accelerator programmes can help startups.

Looking for investors? Prove there is a market for your product, says Ahonya founder

“You have to do something extraordinary in the beginning before someone will notice you.”

Savannah Fund’s Mbwana Alliy outlines what he looks for in a startup

Mbwana Alliy, managing partner of the Savannah Fund, is looking to invest in high growth, high risk startups.

Why Africa’s tech entrepreneurs should think about moving to Silicon Valley

Dinfin Mulupi talks to Mbwana Alliy, founder and managing partner at the Savannah Fund – a fund that invests in African technology startups.