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Breaking rules: Talking Nigerian showbiz with Nollywood pioneer

“We don’t want to win Oscars. Believe me; we are not interested in that stuff. We want an effective product that will make money.”

Meet the Boss: Charles Igwe, CEO, Nollywood Global

“A friend of mine described Nollywood as someone performing heart surgery using forks and knives. But the genius of it is that the patient survives.”

Hooray for Nollywood: Opening up Africa’s creative frontiers

Adam Salkeld on promoting Africa’s creative industries.

Taking on the Nollywood pirates

Piracy and distribution are issues that are hurting Nigeria’s successful film and music industry.

Nigerian entrepreneurs launch solution to content sharing

Nigeria’s OTG Playa releases Storm content sharing device as a solution to poor bandwidth in Africa.

Nigeria’s film industry enters South African market

iROKOtv, a website that streams movies and also a DVD distributor, has just entered the South African market.

Nigeria’s film industry: a potential gold mine?

As an entrepreneur, Jason Njoku achieved success in a most unlikely way: he is Africa’s largest distributor of Nigerian movies.

Nigerian online movie and music company iROKO Partners enters South Africa

iROKO Partners has opened their second African office in Johannesburg.

Lights, camera, action! How Nollywood is boosting travel in Africa

Nollywood, Nigeria’s enormous film industry, is boosting intra-regional tourism and travel in Africa.

The man behind the ‘Netflix of Africa’

How we made it in Africa interviews Jason Njoku, founder of online Nollywood movie streaming platform iROKOtv.