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A new way forward for Nigeria?

“The long-term, fundamental case for Nigeria looks strong to us for several reasons.”

Mark Mobius: Africa’s power sector offers ‘potentially attractive opportunities’

If the challenge posed by Africa’s electric power deficit is monumental, so is the effort currently going into addressing the problem.

Mark Mobius: The role of technology in accelerating emerging markets’ growth

Technology is linking potential customers to markets at a rate that would have seemed impossible even a decade ago

Mark Mobius: How big are emerging markets?

Statistical studies of gross domestic product in emerging markets have been in the news recently.

Investing in Africa: misconceptions and realities

There are many misconceptions about investing in developing markets, and Africa certainly has its fair share.

Eight things you should know about frontier market investment

“The most compelling reason to invest in frontier markets is their long-term growth potential.”

Emerging markets guru Mark Mobius looks at opportunities in Ghana

“All in all, Ghana looks to be a country my investment team and I will continue to watch.”