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RMA taps into Kenya’s growing new car market

RMA Motors details its business plans to access Kenyan car buyers.

Small-scale beekeepers in Kenya and South Sudan push up honey production

Honey Care Africa is growing beekeeping farms to satisfy demand for honey.

Entrepreneur says Kenya has more opportunities for new businesses than UK

Dinfin Mulupi talks to Kenya-based entrepreneur Sarah Russell, who quit her journalism career to start a bakery.

Meet the Boss: Pete Muraya, CEO, Suraya Property Group

Pete Muraya, a successful Kenyan property developer, answers our questions.

Kenyan company manufacturing modern products using traditional fabric

Shuka Duka, a successful Kenyan company, makes everyday accessories from the Maasai shuka fabric.

Private education pioneer talks about her business journey

In 1978, Mary Okelo founded Makini Schools, one of Kenya’s earliest private education institutions.

The clothing entrepreneur who supplies the US market from Africa

How Sam Meeks established a denim jeans manufacturing business in Africa.

Foreign entrepreneur describes the highs and lows of doing business in East Africa

How we made it in Africa talks to Roly Adlam, founder of Kenya’s Rift Valley Leather.

How KikoRomeo became one of East Africa’s leading fashion labels

Ann McCreath quit her job at an NGO to start KikoRomeo, which is today one of East Africa’s leading fashion brands.

The businessman who built a castle in rural Kenya

Growing up in a sleepy village in the rural Nyeri region of Kenya, George Tafaria Waititu always dreamt of transforming the area.

Africa will not change overnight, but now is the time to invest, says restaurant entrepreneur

“Next year we want to be in ten locations. It is achievable. I am optimistic about the market,” says Morne Deetlefs, the owner of Big Square in Kenya.

Television personality Julie Gichuru talks about her business ventures

“If we as Africans don’t do it then we will find ourselves on the periphery of our own growing economies, as others leverage these opportunities.”

‘Success that comes gradually has a solid base,’ says real estate entrepreneur

Kenyan real estate entrepreneur Daniel Ojijo told Dinfin Mulupi more about his business and shared some advice to other budding entrepreneurs.

Travel agency boss talks about the lessons she has learnt in business

Dinfin Mulupi talked to Shian Travel founder and managing director Jane Gituto about her business journey.

Property entrepreneur Hamed Ehsani talks about his business journey

When Iran-born entrepreneur Hamed Ehsani arrived in Kenya shortly after the Iranian revolution, business was the last thing on his mind.