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Can Silicon Savannah’s software success be replicated in hardware?

While Kenya made its name in software, a handful of entrepreneurs are now taking the leap into developing hardware.

How a Kenyan bakery is taking on the challenges of the business world

“Don’t think you will start a business and a year down the line you are the big guy in town.”

Kenya’s private security industry booming due to terror threats

Since last year’s Westgate mall shooting, demand for private security has increased.

Meet the Boss: Christopher Everard, general manager, Ultimate Security

“You don’t need to be tough in this business, you just need to be playing right in the middle of the pitch.”

Brain gain: An MBA no longer enough to land the perfect job back in Africa

Many Africans are returning home from abroad, but the transition is not always easy.

Can Kenya’s tourism industry bounce back from terror attacks?

Over the last 12 months Kenya has suffered numerous terror attacks that have killed close to 200 people and dented the country’s image abroad.

Manufacturers in East Africa need to keep up with changing retail trends

African Cotton Industries MD says manufacturers need to constantly stay ahead of the game.

Three of Kenya’s top business leaders share their tips for success

Business advice from Joanne Mwangi, Lee Karuri and Mugo Kibati.

Billionaire at 34? Forget short-term approach to becoming rich, says Mugo Kibati

“If your goal is to acquire wealth then in your list of strategies… anything goes. If you steal it, if you acquire it corruptly, it doesn’t matter.”

How Kenya’s beer queen succeeded against all odds

The success of Tabitha Karanja and her Keroche Breweries is a classic David and Goliath tale.

New report reveals Africa’s fastest growing cities

Africa has 52 cities with populations of 1m or higher – the same number as for Europe.

Kenyan luxury bag company grows from humble roots into the hands of royalty

Luxury bag manufacturer Sandstorm receives endorsement from Prince George.

Oil and mining to be the backbone of East Africa’s economic growth

Oil, gas and mining developments could have positive spill-over effects for the rest of the economy.

Why failure is sometimes a good thing

Sam Gichuru, CEO of Nairobi-based startup accelerator Nailab, says there are many lessons to be learned in failure.

RMA taps into Kenya’s growing new car market

RMA Motors details its business plans to access Kenyan car buyers.