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Under construction: ‘Niger is like a newborn country’

After a decade of little growth, Gaïcha Saddy is positively surprised by recent development projects in Niger.

What private equity holds for Africa this year

Private equity valuation specialist Rory Ord shares his thoughts on the future of private equity deals in Africa.

How SME financial access in Africa compares to other developing economies

An AfDB report shows that many African SMEs have difficulty accessing external financing.

Redefining development equity in Africa

Private equity firm Phatisa discusses its role in development and investment across the continent.

DRC plans significant investments in power generation and agriculture

The DRC’s planned energy project is also aimed at alleviating poverty and aiding industrialisation.

Private sector eyeing opportunities in Africa’s healthcare industry

The healthcare sector offers opportunities for investment across Africa.

Real estate in Africa: Possibilities for property pioneers

Real estate players highlight challenges to property development on the continent.

Euromonitor’s top five frontier markets in Africa for long term investment

Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania and Cameroon stand out as attractive markets for long term investment, according to Euromonitor.

Leveraging the African diaspora

Diaspora investment capital can be a sustainable, effective and efficient source of development finance for Africa.

Not everyone sees Africa as an attractive investment destination

Companies who are not currently doing business in Africa perceive it as the least attractive investment destination in the world.

How Homestrings is allowing the African diaspora to invest in projects back home

Eric Guichard’s company Homestrings gives foreign investors access to investment opportunities in Africa.

What should African countries do to encourage FDI?

“While FDI inflows into African countries might be gaining momentum, they are still behind markets such as Asia.”

Nigerian cassava farm seeking finance to boost crop production

A commercial cassava farming business in Nigeria requires crop financing as well as a five-year loan to purchase additional equipment and to upgrade infrastructure.

Africa – the top target for foreign investment in farmland

A key driver of foreign investment in land, food security is a challenge mankind has been confronted with in various times and places.

Five trends driving Nigeria’s investment allure

In a recent report by Standard Bank, analysts Simon Freemantle and Jeremy Stevens outlined five trends powering Nigeria’s appeal to investors.