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Made in Britain: Opportunities for UK companies to export to Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa’s growing middle class are “ready to spend their money somewhere”.

Ethiopia – cracking the local code

Anna Rosenberg shares her insights on business potential in Ethiopia.

Five ways Africa can become a global force in farming

With its land and water resources, Africa has the potential to feed itself and become an exporter.

Missteps and missed opportunities: Kenya’s industrialisation saga

The East African country has failed to kick-start its manufacturing sector, but not for lack of trying.

Four questions companies should ask when importing/exporting in Africa

Transporting goods across African borders requires a good knowledge of the requirements and procedures.

Top wine producer seeking distributors/importers throughout Africa

Waterstone Wines, one of South Africa’s top wine producers, is expanding into the rest of Africa and seeking distributors and importers throughout the continent.

Exporting berries to the UK has its own unique challenges

How we made it in Africa’s Loraine Stander talks to Chrisleo Botha, owner of South Africa’s Blue Mountain Berries, about the challenges involved in exporting to the United Kingdom.

Mozambique to start exporting coal from July this year

Mozambique expects to start exporting coal by the middle of 2011, mineral resources minister Esperanca Bias told the Mining Indaba conference in Cape Town.

Uganda losing out in battle for southern Sudan market

Ugandan businesses are ill-prepard to compete with other countries looking for a slice of the southen Sudanese market, said Uganda’s Consular General in Southern Sudan, Busho Ndinyenka.

Why South African exporters should take West Africa seriously

How we made it in Africa talks to Nils Flaatten, CEO of Wesgro, about why West Africa is a good market for exporters.

Advice on exporting to Africa

Question: I’m a South Africa-based manufacturer looking to export my products into the rest of Africa. Any tips on how to do this?

Tanzania bans export of raw tanzanite

Tanzania last week banned the export of raw tanzanite in order to boost local processing.

Spanish food manufacturer seeks to grow exports to Africa

Spanish food and beverages manufacturer, Leche Pascaul, is placing a great importance on Africa as an export destination for its products.