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Westgate one year on: Entrepreneurs recount their experiences

How we made it in Africa speaks to the business owners who were affected by the tragedy.

‘No secret to doing business in Africa,’ says Nakumatt MD Atul Shah

“Just deliver your promises to customers and respect the cultural norms.”

How to get ahead in business: advice from Africa’s top business people

Eleven words of wisdom for entrepreneurs, as imparted by some of the continent’s leading business people.

Kenyan supermarket boss dismisses Wal-Mart threat

“We are very much confident that we have learnt a lot about retail in this market and we are well equipped to thrive even if the global players were to enter this market.”

Meet the Boss: Atul Shah, MD, Nakumatt Holdings (east Africa)

Atul Shah, managing director of east Africa’s Nakumatt supermarket chain, answers our questions.

East Africa’s Asian kings of cash

Across east Africa, Asian entrepreneurs stand out for their success and longevity. Dinfin Mulupi looks at five outstanding businesses with Asian roots.