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Six ways Africa can unlock its agricultural potential

Better farming methods and political commitment are ways to improve the agricultural industry.

Talking farming with Fairtrade Africa head James Mwai

“There are consumers who are now more aware of the sustainability of their food.”

Why the growth of modern retail should be good news to African farmers

The growth of supermarkets and restaurant chains across Africa is opening up opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs.

‘Agriculture should be a business, not a development activity’

“We want to industrialise agriculture and make it to be a major revenue earner for us,” says Nigeria’s farming minister Akinwunmi Adesina.

Eleni Gabre-Madhin’s next big idea: to build commodity exchanges across Africa

Eleni Gabre-Madhin, founder of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, is now aiming for bigger things.

What the UAE needs from Africa in order to invest in agriculture

One of the economies that is eyeing Africa’s agricultural potential is the United Arab Emirates.

Why agriculture hubs are the best way to grow African farming

“Agricultural hubs are the best way to pull together funding, technology and expertise to help countries organise production.”

The challenge of attracting capital to African agriculture

“There is a real opportunity to build a business in order to serve the growing local market,” says Riaz Currimjee, partner of Surya Capital.

Africa’s agricultural market could triple if farmers were able to tap into middle-class demand

Africa’s agricultural market could reach $1 trillion over the next two decades.

Why Tanzanian farmers don’t sell what they produce

About three out of four households report to have agriculture as their main activity. Even urban households are still involved in crop production.

Africa – the top target for foreign investment in farmland

A key driver of foreign investment in land, food security is a challenge mankind has been confronted with in various times and places.

How big business can engage small-scale farmers in Africa

It is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to work with smallholders to guarantee supply.

Worried about rising farmworker wages? Manage labour costs with Time Management Solutions

The TMS system is an easy-to-use, time saving means to electronically record and budget for labour-related costs on a farm.

How land deals with foreign investors can actually benefit African farmers

African governments should use the proceeds from land leased to foreign investors to subsidise the cost to local farmers of modernising their farming methods.

Three ways to boost job creation in Africa through agriculture

As countries develop, both the share and number of jobs in agriculture generally decline. Africa can, however, defy this trend.