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Strong potential for fish farming in Africa

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With the demand for fish strong throughout Africa, aquaculture presents a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

Zambia agriculture project

Aquaculture Innovations is involved with an earth pond facility in Zambia

South African-based service provider Aquaculture Innovations offers a complete solution to governments, organisations and individuals looking to operate a successful aquaculture venture.

Business Opportunity

“Africa’s aquaculture industry is growing rapidly in response to a growing population combined with a decreasing availability from wild harvests,” says Leslie Ter Morshuizen of Aquaculture Innovations.

“The latest technologies and refined methods have made fish farming highly efficient, reducing risk and improving profitability further,” adds Ter Morshuizen.

Aquaculture Innovations is able to provide a turnkey solution to anyone interested in fish farming. “We assist the company or entrepreneur in selecting species to supply to a selected market. We then design appropriate infrastructure for the farming of the fish under the given environmental conditions on the chosen site, conduct a financial analysis, write a business plan and recommend companies to erect the infrastructure if local firms are not available,” explains Ter Morshuizen.

“Once construction is complete, we train the staff on site and provide a mentorship service for 24 months. We also visit existing farms to conduct an audit of their methods, infrastructure and systems, and recommend changes to optimise production and cost efficiency.”

Aquaculture Innovations’ training and mentorship programmes ensure that staff know exactly what to do each day, how to manage problem situations, what variables to collect, how the record them and how to interpret the charts correctly. “This provides them with an opportunity to develop and refine the necessary fish farming skills to manage the facility optimally, whilst our involvement ensures that an experienced mentor is monitoring the records to ensure that the critical indicators are being managed towards optimal production. These steps contribute to reducing the risk and securing the financial success of the business,” says Ter Morshuizen.

The company is already involved with numerous projects across the African continent. These include a 5,000 tons per annum cage farm in Mozambique, a 30 hectares earth pond facility in Zambia, a 200 tons per annum marine fish farm in South Africa as well as 2 million koi per annum farm in South Africa, to name a few.

Ter Morshuizen has also presented proposals to state and federal ministers in Namibia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mauritius and Mozambique.

Contact Details

For more information on how to establish a successful fish farming business, contact Leslie Ter Morshuizen at:



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  • Madziya Ranganai

    I m a young farmer and a beginner.l have fish farming as one of my projects in my books.its still theory at e moment n nothing has started yet.l would want your help and assistance to start this project.l realised the rise in demand for white meat and want to put a contribution as a supplier.Check out my page GeoJo Meats on facebook.l want help to go abt my projects.if u can help l will b glad.George(Zimbabwe)

  • Chris

    I am interested in fish farming and obviously i will need your assistance in all aspect, send me full details on the area you will assist me and all the necessary things i need to know.
    Thanks Chris(Nigeria)

  • http://VodamailBroadband Thobile

    Iam an L.O Lecturer in one of the FETs in Durban based in Umlazi Location. My collagues and myself started a project whose initial aim is to deal with the social need for food security for our learners who come from the various part of Kwa Zulu Natal to study with us. Two years ago we started a Garden Project where our learners we taught how produce their own
    veggies. We have asked for help from ENACTUS an independent organization base at UKZN. They have helped us tremendiously by introducing us to Urban Farming Skill that we believe will help in not just Poverty Alliviation but SKills
    Development and Job Creation. Umlazi BB Campus is a Business Study Unit that seeks to intergrate theoratical knowledge with practical solution in interprunerial Skill as a means of producing Job Creators then Job Seekers!
    We would like to find out Sir if your organization can help us with extra training in fish farming since there is a small river near our Collage. We are searching for innovative rear skill as vehicle to bring rear business opportunities to the disadvantaged.

    Help African Student to solve their own PROBLEMS!
    Mrs T. Khumalo

  • Sage Muhingu

    How would your advice cost to a small an entrepreneur who want to start a fish farming business?

    Thank you

  • Smangele tinga

    Im wanting to run fish farming busines

  • Tsheko L. Mpuang

    I want to be a portential fish farmer, so I need to have the know how

  • Ntsebo Sempe

    I am in Lesotho and am eager to start a fish farm, may I get the manuals on fishery so that i can start?

  • clinton

    hallow.i am in zambia and have plenty of land to turn some of it into a fish farm,my main problem is funding,please help.regards

  • Ismail

    I would like to to start up a fish farming project to sustain poor communities,in the south or north west of johannesburg, does it have to be near a dam or river.

  • Tanmaya

    Very nice and informative blog posting. Among all the fish, tilapia fish is Awesome! Farming this fish is very profitable and easy. I like this fish very much for it’s unique taste and value.

  • Ngubu

    Am a researcher interested in getting information on the impacts of fish farming in africa. Has the food security been assured thro fish farming and where and to what extent,and how sustainable has fish farming been undertaken.

  • Gilly

    please i will be greateful if u could help me on how to start a fish farming in west africa. I will be oblige if i can contact you by phone. looking forward hearing from you soon.
    my kind regards.

  • ali awad ali

    its very important to safe our sourse
    in nubian lake north of sudan there are bad culivate in catch fish after south sudan seperated
    we need mor fishculture
    direct of fish manage
    nubian lake
    wadi halfa -sudan

    • Bubien

      I am a qualified agro-economist based in south south Africa with a good knowledge in the Fish farming sector for years. I have actually set up farms with good reference and i am willing to help any community or individual for free, giving you the basic requirements from farming, harvest, storage, and marketing. Contact me via mail.

      • Bubien

        Hi Ali,
        With Aquaculture your community will never go wrong and it will go a long way to reduce hunger as i see on Tv from South Africa. I will like to know about the topography of your area of farming and the nature of your drainage system so i can assist you with some ideas.Reply me via mail on .

  • Navin

    Could anybody pls send me info on fish farming (people to speak to in Durban) I am wanting to sart a fish and shrimp farming process.Email me at

  • Joyce

    Hi, I live in Kenya and I am interested in attending the conference. What will it take?

    Thank you.

  • jimi cole

    I am keen in setting up a commercially viable fish farm in Nigeria (Tilapia/Catfish) what are the basic training, funding ,info can you help with.I am hoping to hear from you.

  • Numel Phiri

    i would like you to help me set up a successful Tilapia fish farming business in Zambia using earthen ponds

    • ruth Fishman

      you are invited to take aprt in the Aquaculture conference in Nairobi in july 7-9 which will address these topics with local experts and know how
      Ruth Fishman

      • Smangele tinga

        Where is dat conference and wt needed