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Meet the Boss: L.N. Rathi, managing director, ChemiCotex Industries

“If you like a job, give it your all. If you don’t, then don’t hang around.”

Thought leadership: Partnership key to infrastructure development

A solution to solving the infrastructure deficit? A close cooperation between businesses and the government.

What a Tanzanian IT entrepreneur learnt from his previous business failure

Benedict Tesha, owner of Jamaa Technologies, talks about the factors that led to his previous business’s collapse.

Entries now open for Africa’s $75,000 youth entrepreneurship prize

The Anzisha Prize is now accepting applications for 2015 with launch events across the African continent.

Jannie Mouton’s seven tips for bouncing back from failure

Jannie Mouton talks about how he managed to pick himself up after being fired, and start one of South Africa’s most successful companies.

Meet the Boss: Mustafa Suleimanji, MD, Lamudi

“It’s an exciting time in Africa and the internet is shifting the way we do business.”

Made-in-Italy Pavilion at Africa’s Big Seven

Southern Africa is a market with great potential for growth and it’s ready to be challenged.

Employee engagement crucial for business success

Effective employee engagement policies and management can drive innovation.

Factors private equity firms consider when investing in African mining

Private equity industry experts discuss what they consider when looking at potential mining deals.

Why Tanzania’s real estate market is taking off

“In Dar es Salaam there is a huge increase in the purchase of apartments,” says Mustafa Suleimanji, managing director for Lamudi in Tanzania.

How this company built a business by charging phones in rural Tanzania

Juabar has built a franchise network of micro-business owners who offer phone charging services.

Why agriculture and agribusiness can change Africa’s story

Agribusiness, centred around smallholder farmers, could change Africa’s growth and transformation story.

Nigerian business culture and incentives: An inside perspective

A look at Nigerian business culture and the incentives that will give companies a much needed edge over their competitors.

Tony Blair’s principles for partnerships between African governments and investors

Tony Blair’s five principles that govern mutually-beneficial relationships between African governments and foreign investors.

Aggressive strategy required to reduce the unbanked in Nigeria – but possible

Nigerian banking continues to face significant headwinds – in relation to both revenue and costs.