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There is a first mover advantage in francophone Africa, says expert

French-speaking African countries offer just as much investment potential as their English-speaking counterparts.

Private sector eyeing opportunities in Africa’s healthcare industry

The healthcare sector offers opportunities for investment across Africa.

Fastjet CEO Ed Winter shares his plans for low-cost air travel in Africa

Fastjet is determined to lower the cost of flying in Africa.

Business lessons from an ‘honest’ car salesman

How we made it in Africa talks to the founder of Kenya’s Sean Garstin Motors.

Q&A: Unpacking Somaliland’s business potential

The Somaliland Development Corporation looks to bridge international investors and local community interests in Somaliland.

Africa’s urbanisation: making sense of the numbers

“In Africa, population estimates don’t always tell the full story,” writes Tielman Nieuwoudt, principal at The Supply Chain Lab.

Diversifying trade could help Africa industrialise, says UN

Diversifying exports and increasing intra-Africa trade could help with the continent’s industrialisation.

Is the private sector to blame for cargo sitting for so long in African ports?

Cargo delays have often been blamed on governments. However, the private sector might hold some responsibility.

The reality of regional integration on the African continent

“The reality is that regional integration is not a choice or a probability: it is a must,” writes John Oliphant.

Africa’s top three airports rank higher than any airports in the USA

Latest survey results show that South African airports rank considerably above airports on the continent and, in some cases, the world.

Why Dubai wants to improve its business relationship with African markets

Dubai, a global trade and business hub, is looking to boost its role as a gateway to trade and investment opportunities in Africa.

Will we ever see Africa’s Tripartite Free Trade Area succeed?

The notion of a free trade area spanning across a large part of Africa sounds wonderful in theory, but how will it play out in reality?

Three examples of how African cities have improved road transport

Ramón Cruz provides practical examples of road transport initiatives that have positively tackled transport issues in Africa.

Moving resources from pit to port in Africa

Africa’s infrastructure developments continues to be dominated by projects that facilitate the pit to port transportation of resources.

DHL head explains how Africa can boost trade and economic growth

African governments are increasingly talking with multinationals about ways to improve their countries’ business environment.