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Meet the Boss: Stefan Joselowitz, founder and CEO, MiX Telematics

Stefan Joselowitz answers our questions.

Can the Smart Jacket become a competitive advantage for motorcycle taxis?

Motorcycle taxis are one of the leading causes of road accidents in Kenya.

Why Woolworths’ African food stores rely on exports from South Africa

Woolworths is expanding its African food operations, but sourcing local fresh produce remains a challenge.

Finding the right chord: A look at integration in North Africa

The countries of North Africa trade and invest less in each other’s economies than any other region in the world.

South Africa dominates ranking of continent’s top airports

South Africa may no longer be Africa’s biggest economy but its airports are still the best in the continent.

Carlyle private equity fund eyeing investments linked to emerging middle class

The Carlyle Group has seen greater than expected investor interest in a fund focused solely on sub-Saharan Africa.

African seaports: Upgrade or drown

A World Bank study notes that only a few African seaports are world class.

Africa flies on a wing and a prayer

Air transport reforms are needed to unlock the industry’s full potential across the continent.

A look at Africa’s bumpy roads and rails

Unprecedented investments in Africa’s ground transportation are hardly enough.

Why formal trade in Africa lags, while informal prospers

“Informal flows are extraordinarily developed and actually very good at getting to market.”

Jambojet plans to shake up East Africa’s airline industry

Low-cost carrier Jambojet, a subsidiary of Kenya Airways, is set take to the skies on April 1.

Togo – an important trade and transport hub for West and Central Africa

DHL is seeing increased growth in its business in the small West African nation.

Young entrepreneur sees big potential in underserviced South African townships

“My main aim is to own the township market which is a market that hasn’t been tapped.”

Addressing the need to open Africa’s skies

At present over a quarter of air routes in Africa are served by only one carrier.

Five must-know African consumer trends to run with in 2014

Africa – and more importantly, African consumers – will be firmly on the global stage in 2014.