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The ‘absurdity’ of manufacturing in Africa

African cocoa farmers see tiny portion of profits from finished products.

Don’t ignore Nigeria’s smaller neighbour Benin

Consulting firm A.T. Kearney has ranked Benin as the 11th most attractive market for retailers in Africa.

How resource extraction is developing Africa’s hospitality industry

Foreign interest in oil and gas discoveries in eastern Africa means more business for hotels in those regions.

Five African boom towns offering untapped opportunities

Across sub-Saharan Africa there are towns and cities experiencing fast growth on the back of new mining and oil projects or other business activities.

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A new report describes Nigeria’s richest individuals.

Unpacking Nigeria’s oil paradox

Africa’s largest producer of crude oil is the continents second-biggest importer of petroleum.

Debating the real curse behind Africa’s resource wealth

Why do some of the world’s most resource rich countries have the poorest populations?

Transparency needed to curb Africa’s loss of $38bn through trade mispricing

The Africa Progress Panel reports that Africa loses more through illicit outflows than it receives through foreign investment.

A look at the role resources have played in Africa’s growth story

“Minerals are not a curse. They can certainly be the best boon,” says Chamber of Mines of South Africa boss.

Under construction: ‘Niger is like a newborn country’

After a decade of little growth, Gaïcha Saddy is positively surprised by recent development projects in Niger.

Will Africa’s natural resources boom benefit the poor?

Anand Rajaram highlights the need to ensure revenues from oil, gas and mining benefit African populations.

South Sudan conflict ‘could reinfect’ East African economic growth, warns analyst

Instability in South Sudan could negatively affect foreign investment and economic growth in the region.

Crisis in South Sudan shows major business risks remain in parts of Africa

Recent violence in South Sudan could erase much of the country’s progress since independence.

Report highlights 2014 trends in mergers and acquisitions

The Deal Drivers Africa report forecasts M&A activity in Africa for next year.

Six ideas to make a success of your African-based business in 2014

DHL country managers provide tips on doing business across the continent.