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Crisis in South Sudan shows major business risks remain in parts of Africa

Recent violence in South Sudan could erase much of the country’s progress since independence.

Report highlights 2014 trends in mergers and acquisitions

The Deal Drivers Africa report forecasts M&A activity in Africa for next year.

Six ideas to make a success of your African-based business in 2014

DHL country managers provide tips on doing business across the continent.

London: The playground of rich Nigerians

An article in British magazine Tatler describes the lavish lifestyles of wealthy Nigerians living in London.

Why Niger might offer better opportunities for business than you think

Niger boasts opportunities in the mining, retail and property industries.

Meet the Boss: Polycarp Igathe, MD, Vivo Energy

Vivo Energy MD advises entrepreneurs to have focus and move with speed.

Africa should focus on economic diversity

Professor Lemma Senbet urges African economies not to base growth only on natural resources.

Business tempo picking up in Tanzania

“These days the economy is opening up. Infrastructure is improving. Mobile phone penetration is growing. If Tanzania continues on this path the country should be in a very good position in the next decade.”

Meet the Boss: TAD Watts, managing director, Boskovic Air Charters

Aviation boss highlights security as an issue Kenya needs to address.

AfDB reports significant opportunities of shale gas production in Africa

It is vital that shale gas production be accompanied by good environmental planning and management.

Angola plans to revive its agricultural sector

To aid growth, Angola needs to diversify its economy, focusing on strengthening its food producing industry.

New research reveals Africa has 42 dollar-billionaires

Wealth-X and UBS census describes the profiles of Africa’s dollar-billionaires.

China in Africa: New challenges beyond the commodities super cycle

There are indications that China’s activities in Africa will be more varied in future.

Africa Oil boss on training local people for jobs in industry

“The biggest challenge is everyone wants to be involved in the project. There aren’t enough jobs to go around.”

Africa Oil sees interest from foreign investors in East African oil exploration

Canadian oil company raises funds to drill wells in Kenya and Ethiopia.