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Africa should focus on economic diversity

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The gravity of the diamond world is shifting towards Botswana due to a new development in which mining company De Beers is moving its sales activities to the Southern African country.

Angola plans to revive its agricultural sector

To aid growth, Angola needs to diversify its economy, focusing on strengthening its food producing industry.

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Regional integration can positively affect African people through job creation and freedom of movement.

Africa’s ‘glass with attitude’

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How can African countries capitalise on the current geopolitical changes?

“The once dominant influence of the West is diminishing and it will have to metamorphose a new relationship with Africa.”

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Burkina Faso is seeing growth in its agriculture, mining and telecommunications industries.

DRC plans significant investments in power generation and agriculture

The DRC’s planned energy project is also aimed at alleviating poverty and aiding industrialisation.

Look to local consumers for investment opportunities, says Mozambican developer

José Carlos Pinheiro warns of the danger of basing investment solely on development in the mining and oil sectors.