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Can investors look beyond Africa’s short-term turmoil?

Recent events reminded investors that investing in Africa does come with some risks.

Strong sell-off as Egyptian stock exchange reopens

The Egyptian stock exchange finally reopened on Wednesday this week after having been closed for approximately seven weeks following political upheaval in that country.

Asset management firms attracted to the Cape Town lifestyle

Cape Town’s favourable lifestyle is one of the major reasons why many of South Africa’s asset management firms are based in the city as opposed to the economic hub Johannesburg.

Nigeria and Uganda take further steps to deepen financial markets

In further moves to deepen its financial markets, Reuters reports that Nigeria’s stock exchange plans to create an index for fixed income securities.

New minimum wage bill in Nigeria to drive consumption levels

The Nigerian Senate recently announced the passage of the new National Minimum Wage Bill, increasing the monthly minimum wage by 140%.

East African markets firm despite Sudan uncertainties

Markets in East Africa appear to have shrugged off international concerns about north-south tension in Sudan following a ‘Yes’ vote for secession by those in the south of the country.

Will Nigeria’s football clubs list on the stock exchange?

An analyst told Business Day that Nigeria Premier League football clubs would have to completely change their structure and management before they can list on the country’s stock exchange.

Egypt ‘contagion’ unlikely in sub-Saharan Africa

Though some Middle East and North Africa (MENA) equity markets fell at times by 20% or more following popular unrest in Tunisia and Egypt, there is a relatively low risk of ‘Egyptian contagion’.

Nigerian banks “one of the best prospective investment areas in the world”

The Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) was created to stabilise the banking sector following the special audit in 2009. Investec’s Mishnah Seth believes it will boost the country’s banking sector.

Angola stock exchange not likely to open this year

Article produced by the Imara Africa Securities team. Imara is an investment banking and asset management group renowned for its knowledge of African markets.

Africa’s investment comeback to gather pace in 2011

“Trading volumes at African stock exchanges and international buying enjoyed a significant uptick in the final quarter of 2010.”

Pan-African Exchange likely to remain a concept for the foreseeable future

“I think we can safely say Africa’s exchanges will continue to operate on a stand-alone basis for a while.”

Kenya’s first online share trading platform launched

Trading at the Nairobi Stock Exchange is set for a major overhaul following the unveiling of Kenya’s first online trading platform.

Francophone west Africa to grow at slower rate than rest of continent

Bloomberg recently reported that growth in the west African countries using the CFA franc as a currency will be slower than the average for Sub-Saharan Africa next year.

Investec eyeing Angola stock exchange launch

Investec Asset Management would be interested to invest in Angola once the country’s stock exchange launches.