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Meet the Boss: Obinnia Abajue, executive director, Stanbic IBTC

“I believe Africa will get to where it should be by paying attention to its people.”

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Lord David Sainsbury’s Msingi will support new companies in key sectors.

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SMEs are drivers of the economy and inclusive growth.

Africa’s 15 hottest investment zones

Sub-Saharan Africa has seen a 4.7% increase in foreign direct investment in 2013.

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Sean Ndiho Obedih, founding partner of Sobek Ventures, discusses the potential for CVC in Africa.

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Issam Chleuh sees opportunity for entrepreneurs to be innovators in Africa’s French-speaking countries.

Proving the attractiveness of listed markets in Africa

Diversification may be achieved by looking to African markets.

African banks need to be on the side of our dynamic consumers

Africa’s growing banking sector must reach out and support young entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Bob Diamond’s African banking group: ‘Our investors are going to do very well’

Atlas Mara sees an opportunity in lending to entrepreneurs and consumers.

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Africa is on the move. Here are factors that will underpin growth in the continent’s commercial real estate industry.

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How two business moguls teamed up to create a pan-African financial services group.

Hunting for Eurobonds

Views split on sub-Saharan Africa’s debut in the international markets.

Will West Africa’s proposed ‘eco’ currency ever float?

Plans to launch a common currency flounder in West Africa.

Why are Africans getting ripped off on remittances?

New research shows one in US$8 remitted to Africa is creamed off by intermediaries.

BRICs economist Jim O’Neill invests in Nigerian mobile payments company

O’Neill backs Paga as “the number one way to pay and get paid in Nigeria”.