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Standard Bank joint chief executive discusses Africa’s banking outlook

Africa’s banking sector is estimated to expand faster than the region’s GDP.

‘Investors shouldn’t write off South Sudan just yet’

“It definitely takes a strong heart to decide to work in South Sudan.”

Will Sanusi’s suspension impact Nigeria’s market?

What the suspension of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s governor means for the bank and the country’s financial sector.

Ugandan startup making it simpler for African migrants to send money home

Remit aims to bring down the cost of mobile money transfers, as well as making the process more convenient.

Private equity investors face unique challenges in sub-Saharan Africa

“Every country is different, as are their regulatory and financial landscapes.”

What private equity holds for Africa this year

Private equity valuation specialist Rory Ord shares his thoughts on the future of private equity deals in Africa.

The story of Best Ayiorwoth: Starting a microfinance business at age 19

When a young Ugandan orphan had to cut short her high school education, she swore she would take a stand. And she did.

Common mistakes made by private equity firms in Africa

While the potential exists for private equity managers to make great returns in Africa, so does the potential to make mistakes.

Africa moving forward, but significant work remains, says Old Mutual boss

Even though one of his company’s projects had been nationalised, Julian Roberts remains optimistic about Africa’s future.

How to best navigate the waters of securing finance for your business

Advice for entrepreneurs on how to access funding for their businesses.

Entrepreneur aims to boost online payments in East Africa

Kenyan firm 3G Direct Pay plugged a hole in the travel sector by providing a platform for online commerce.

How this university drop-out built a multi-million dollar empire

Kenya’s Heshan de Silva believes in investing in businesses that will make a difference.

Internet-powered agricultural services face challenges scaling up

Technology-driven agricultural services can increase the incomes of small-scale and subsistence farmers.

Mobile money: The best route to the African consumer

With unbanked and rural populations, mobile commerce is a good way to reach African consumers.

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