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Political instability – both an opportunity and challenge for business

“Political instability and change can inspire action… but it can also bring the business to a halt at other times.”

Talking Africa perceptions vs reality with the first woman to bike around the continent

South African Jolandie Rust shares some of her insight into, and experiences of, travelling in Africa.

Finding the right chord: A look at integration in North Africa

The countries of North Africa trade and invest less in each other’s economies than any other region in the world.

Four things you need to know about doing business in North Africa

Despite their geographical proximity, the countries of North Africa vary greatly. While some nations are still dealing with the effects of the Arab Spring, it is business as usual in others.

AfDB reports significant opportunities of shale gas production in Africa

It is vital that shale gas production be accompanied by good environmental planning and management.

Rwanda’s improving business environment is turning heads

The 2014 Doing Business report ranks the East African country at 32nd place globally in ease of doing business.

Rand Merchant Bank lists six African countries worthy of investor attention

South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt are not the only countries with strong economic growth.

Investment bank identifies four African countries that continue to surprise

Rand Merchant Bank highlights growth in Ghana, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

High African growth rates distort the real development image

“How many times have you heard that many of the fastest-growing economies in the world at the moment are in Africa?”

Eye on North Africa: January 2011

North Africa specialist Francois Conradie looks at the region’s most important business and politics stories for the month of January 2011.

African equity investment options set to expand

Sub-Saharan Africa could well have another stock market joining its ranks next year, with the news that Lesotho is planning to open an exchange before the end of 2011, according to its finance minister Timothy Thahane.