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How Dutch-based Vlisco became one of Africa’s most popular fashion companies

Vlisco has products for every price point.

Ranked: African cities with the top potential for inclusive growth

The 2014 MasterCard African Cities Growth Index ranks 74 cities in terms of their potential for inclusive growth.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s top five retail markets

The African Retail Development Index highlights markets that hold potential for growth in retail.

Why Africa is an ‘exciting’ market for SAP

“We can help local companies compete and be as good as the multinationals coming to Africa.”

Gabon luring foreign companies through attractive incentives

Gabon is not known as one of the easiest business environments, but recent investments show that multinational companies are finding opportunities in the country of less than two million people.

Africa needs double digit growth to catch up with rest of world, says Arnold Ekpe

Is Africa only looking attractive because many other parts of the world are doing so poorly?

Should Shoprite and Walmart be worried by Carrefour’s entry into sub-Saharan Africa?

French retailer Carrefour recently announced that it will enter eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Palm oil is coming home to Africa

Ranveer Chauhan, managing director and global head of palm at agribusiness company Olam, looks at the case for sustainable palm oil production in Africa.

Africa’s ballooning cities – an opportunity for agriculture

Africa’s fast growing cities present a major opportunity for the continent’s agricultural sector, says Amine Tazi-Riffi, a senior partner at McKinsey & Company.

Actor Robert De Niro sees potential for Gabon’s tourism industry

American actor Robert De Niro says that the central African country of Gabon has good potential as a tourism destination and that there might be an opportunity for a resort development.

India to manufacture fertiliser in Gabon, and then ship it back home

An Indian company has chosen to invest in a fertiliser manufacturing plant in the central African country of Gabon.

International agriculture company invests big in Gabon

Global agriculture company Olam International recently announced two significant investments in Gabon – a fertiliser complex and a oil palm plantation.

Gabon attracts investment from Asian firms

Gabon has signed four major agreements with multinational companies from India and Singapore.