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Sharp eye on Kenya’s electronics market

Sharp Electronics, the Japanese manufacturer, has its eyes cast on Kenya, a market awash with cheap counterfeit electronics from China.

Africa’s largest flower auction sourcing from across the continent

Multiflora is Africa’s largest flower auction and sells 300 million flower stems per year from its premises in Johannesburg. The flower market currently sources flowers from across the continent.

Entrepreneur watch: Giving farmers a backpack for success

A backpack packed with everything you need to run a successful small-scale farming operation. This is what an innovative company is offering small-scale farmers in Kenya and southern Sudan.

Nigeria in the midst of a retail revolution

A new shopping centre, the Ikeja City Mall, is currently under construction in Lagos, Nigeria. We interviewed Michael Chu’di Ejekam about the business of developing shopping malls in Africa’s most populous nation.

Ugandan seed company focusing on more than just profits

In just seven years Victoria Seeds managed to grow from nothing to one of the largest seed companies in Uganda. How we made it in Africa talks to Josephine Okot, founder and managing director of the company.

How financing is enabling subsistence farmers to ramp up their game

Through innovative financing solutions, Africa’s subsistence farmers are slowly but surely transforming themselves into commercial producers of crops.

Seeing opportunity in Mauritania’s challenging business environment

Mauritania is one of the world’s toughest business environments. Private equity group ECP, however, chose to rather focus on the North African country’s potential.

Entrepreneur watch: Bringing the ‘Zen’ back to Kenya’s restaurant industry

Shivani Radia Patel quit her high-flying job to move back to Kenya and do something of her own. Today she is one of the founders of a leading restaurant in Nairobi.

Ashes of Kenya’s post-election violence inspires grain milling business

We talk to Isaac Chege, founder of Uchumi Grain Millers, about how Kenya’s post-election violence motivated him to start his own business.

Young entrepreneur behind Eat Out, Kenya’s dining revolution

Mikul Shah, the co-founder and chief executive of online restaurant guide Eat Out (, talks to Regina Ekiru on how he introduced the concept to the Kenyan market.

Making it in the male dominated trucking business

Monica Matiri is the founder and director of Workmanship Production Limited, a Kenyan trucking company. Matiri spoke to Regina Ekiru on how she has made it in a male dominated field.

Interview: How I started Kenya’s own version of McDonald’s

Can Kenya have its own McDonald’s? That is the question Dominic Kosen grappled with before launching one of Kenya’s first local restaurant franchises.

Our 10 most popular interviews of all time

Since our launch in April 2010, How we made it in Africa has interviewed some of the most interesting individuals currently shaping Africa’s business landscape. Here are our ten most-read interviews of all time

Local entrepreneur looking to capture Kenya’s beauty market

Suzie Wokabi is the founder of SuzieBeauty. She holds a degree in international relations, but ditched the corporate world to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

Zimbabwean refugee attracting diplomats to her Nairobi restaurant

Susan Deiters is running Café Des Arts, a restaurant in Nairobi’s upmarket Gigiri estate, serving top diplomats and expats.