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Finance ready plan: Building high quality and affordable homes

The need for affordable housing in Uganda is tremendous. LMI Development Holdings is a company that aims to develop affordable housing for middle-income households, just outside the city of Kampala.

Finance ready plan: SoyFood processing project in Uganda

Demand for refined soy foods, in Uganda alone, is projected to increase – as are the expected revenues. The necessity for Divine Masters Ltd to expand their domestic soy processing capabilities in order to meet ever increasing demand is clear. With investment, Divine Masters Ltd aim to build a processing unit in Tororo, a town in close proximity to the main area of soybean cultivation.

Finance ready plan: Revolutionising Liberia’s waste culture

The Green Center of Monrovia is Liberia’s first waste segregation and recycling centre. They currently profit from organic compost production, the production of materials from inorganic waste, and the buying and selling of recyclables.

Finance ready plan: Outstanding news publication

The Daily Observer is one of the most reputable newspapers in Liberia and is synonymous with the country’s remarkable recovery in the post-conflict era. During the civil war the newspaper was largely unavailable, but since its return in 2005 it has played a significant role in the country’s recovery, strengthening institutions and ensuring democratic freedoms in the country.

Finance ready plan: Eco-briquette factory, benefitting the community and environment

Tanzanian-based eco-briquette company, Environmental Engineering Company Limited (EECO Ltd), offers an alternative fuel for cooking. Eco-briquettes play a crucial role in forest conservation, reducing deforestation for this purpose. Furthermore the organisation offers valuable employment in the local community.

Finance ready plan: Providing innovative IT solutions across Rwanda

AxIS is an IT company that provides software project implementation services, from customer requirement analysis to user training and change management through software development and installation. Through a combination of innovative software development tools and project management methodology, it has consistently realised a high success rate while offering competitive prices.

Finance ready plan: Incentive mobile market research in Africa

Research Africa effectively engages the ‘Base of the Pyramid’, people living on or below US$2 per day, as social agents by participating in incentive-based surveys and working to create new economic opportunities for people living in poverty. In exchange for their feedback, respondents receive mobile phone credit for participating in market surveys.

Finance ready plan: Servicing Uganda’s agricultural sector through business

MBADIFA Enterprises Limited is the business subsidiary of Mbarara District Farmers’ Association (MBADIFA). Following an extensive market study in 2010, surveying MBADIFA members and other key stakeholders with the aim of determining farmers’ needs, it was concluded many of the identified challenges facing the agricultural sector in Uganda could be solved through business solutions.

Finance ready plan: Inspiring and encouraging entrepreneurship through microfinance

Molyn Credit Limited (MCL) was established in 2006 and operates as a microfinance institution in three Kenyan cities: Nairobi, Nakuru and Thika. MCL aims to become the preferred provider of financial services to the low income population, not only in Kenya but in the greater East African region.

Finance ready plan: Recycling with design by Katchy Kollections

Katchy Kollections recycles bottle tops and compact disks in order to produce creatively designed, trendy and unique accessories for the high end market.

Finance ready plan: Internet marketing for SMEs in Africa

Founded in 2010, Agasha Business Network aspires to become the largest and most interactive business community website in Africa.

Finance ready plan: Renewable energy specialist in East Africa

Craftskills East Africa Ltd is the developer of the WindCruiser, an innovative wind power generator. The WindCruiser is manufactured using locally available raw materials, consisting of 90% of the product, and is designed to utilise low speed winds to generate power.

Finance ready plan: e-business in Rwanda

E-business is a new kind of business in Rwanda and has received nationwide interest. One of the first companies seeing a new business opportunity was Hoziyana Group, a registered company selling computing and electronics items.

Finance ready plan: Travel far, go local

Traveler’s platform allows you to meet local tourism entrepreneurs in emerging countries. If you want a unique experience, while you get to grips with rural life on holiday, this platform opens up a world of possibilities.

Finance ready plan: Solar for sub-Saharan schools and communities

S3C aims to enhance the economic development of rural inhabitants by providing energy to schools and encouraging local entrepreneurship through the training of technicians.