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Meet the Boss: Jitesh Ladwa, CEO, Mkoba Private Equity Fund

“You need to appreciate most successful business people work really hard to get where they are.”

Meet the Boss: Erfaan Mojgani, country manager, Kaymu Tanzania

“I love saying that I am growing an e-commerce company in Tanzania. It’s crazy, it’s tough and its fun.”

Meet the Boss: Andrew Waititu, MD, SAP East Africa

“One thing that takes people aback is when they figure out I’m also a DJ.”

Meet the Boss: Hatem Hariri, MD for Africa, Avaya

Seriously, you can’t learn leadership from books. You have to live it.

Meet the Boss: JJ van Dongen, senior vice president, Philips Africa

“If you are going to do something, do it properly, and you actually need to win at it.”

Meet the Boss: Vimal Shah, CEO, Bidco Group

“You can call me a workaholic because I work from 5am to midnight… It is not work for me. It’s fun.”

Meet the Boss: Ram Ottapathu, CEO, Choppies Group

“Have a purpose and dream in your life and pursue that dream relentlessly.”

Meet the Boss: Eric Andre, co-founder, Om Nom Nom

“I think the reason some entrepreneurs fail is because they have an idea and it looks ‘sexy’, but they don’t study the market.”

Meet the Boss: Ed Barrow, MD, Hellofood East Africa

“Instincts and gut decisions should never be overlooked.”

Meet the Boss: Alex Nyaga, founder, Parapet Cleaning Services

“I think I am visionary, and I have a passion to do things that will have a greater impact in our society.”

Meet the Boss: Peng Chen, MD, Easy Taxi Kenya

“Neither business nor life is ever a straight shot to the goal. You have to be ready to adjust.”

Meet the Boss: Sue Fox, MD for sub-Saharan Africa, Estée Lauder

“I am pretty good at separating work and home.”

Meet the Boss: Charl Cronje, managing director, Pepkor Africa

“I guess what really keeps me awake is whether we are moving fast enough to catch this ‘African wave’ in its full capacity.”

Meet the Boss: Manoj Shanker, CEO, Techno Brain Group

“A lot of young people take a job, then when offered $100 more by another company they jump there. That is not a good way to grow your career.”

Meet the Boss: Amr Shady, CEO, TA Telecom

“The world is becoming smaller and smaller, and we need to make sure African companies have the tools to compete.”