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Entrepreneurship a solution to unemployment in South Africa

Rather than waiting to find a job, young people are staring their own businesses.

Mark Kaigwa carving a niche as Kenya’s social media expert

Tech entrepreneur has released a report documenting social media trends across the continent.

Celebrated Ethiopian entrepreneur behind soleRebels reveals her next big idea

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu launches online business, Republic of Leather.

Kenyan startup makes finding a job easier

Duma Works “does job matching for people”.

Trash into cash: A student makes a business from recycling

Green’Act aims to change habits by introducing recycling on school campuses.

How a designer turned her hobby into a niche fashion business

“We are proud that we can make a product here which is entirely made from Kenyan handicraft.”

Africa’s top six social entrepreneurs of the year announced

Social entrepreneurs are those with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

10 Nigerian tech companies to watch

The West African country’s most promising technology companies.

It’s important to surround yourself with the right people, says social entrepreneur

At the age of 14, Neftaly Malatjie decided it was time to make a difference in his poverty-stricken community, Diepsloot.

Splitting the tab: Sharing space makes work easier for entrepreneurs in Lagos

“Co-working spaces are a breeding ground for innovation,” says CapitalSquare founder.

Dreaming big is how Kenyan doctor built her own private hospital

Her medical training stood Dr Betty Gikonyo in good stead to become CEO of The Karen Hospital.

Potato chip manufacturer talks about getting Nigerians to buy local

“We as Nigerians always believe that foreign brands are better than locally made brands… which poses a challenge to us.”

How David Mwendele is making money to fund his youth charity

“I was very frustrated seeing fellow youth who were not lucky enough to get an education suffering.”

Why a former doctor decided to start an online supermarket in Nigeria

“ is an outpouring of affection to my wife, and by extension, to all our target users,” says founder.

Gossy Ukanwoke – Nigeria’s online university pioneer

Offering courses in a variety of subjects, Beni American University students access all material online.