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How bamboo bikes gave women a new future in Ghana

The Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative trains women to become highly proficient bike builders.

How a broken iPod inspired a young entrepreneur’s Apple repair business

From its start in his university dorm room, Alex Fourie’s repair service has grown into a successful chain of stores.

Young entrepreneurs showcase Ghana’s rising stars at Moonlight Café

Moonlight Café reaches out to young underground artists and discovers new talent in music and poetry.

‘Age is nothing but a number,’ says the young CEO behind the Helvetic Group

Entrepreneur brings solar energy to rural communities in Tanzania.

How Joanne Mwangi stepped off the corporate ladder to venture out on her own

Respected Kenyan entrepreneur Joanne Mwangi on growing her small firm into a regional group.

Organic fertiliser maker aims to make a difference in Kenya

“We need to conserve our environment, be sustainable and look after our soils. It is the number one resource.”

Entrepreneur left his banking job to launch mobile money product

The MPAYER product enables businesses to manage their financial and transaction systems more efficiently.

Why an investment banker quit his job in Paris for a cosmetics firm in Cameroon

“Africa was booming and my dreams seemed more feasible over there.”

The American entrepreneur who found his groove in South Sudan

Selling satellite phones, electronics and heavy vehicles is Ian Cox’s business.

Why apply for the Anzisha Prize? Past finalists share how they benefited

Winners of Africa’s premier youth entrepreneurship award share how the prize has helped their businesses.

Kenyan tech entrepreneur sees opportunity back home

“In the western world the rules have already been defined. Here it is a new territory and that is where the opportunity is.”

Young Ugandan creates business management app for SMEs

“When you are selling to consumers they don’t care what technology you use, they only care about what they can do with it.”

Ghanaian messaging app Saya gains popularity in India

“Five months after the launch we got 14m people who had been invited by their friends to use the service.”

Entrepreneur talks about opening the first gaming studio in Central Africa

Cameroonian Olivier Madiba sees many growth opportunities for Africa’s gaming industry.

Ugandan startup making it simpler for African migrants to send money home

Remit aims to bring down the cost of mobile money transfers, as well as making the process more convenient.