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How a Kenyan bakery is taking on the challenges of the business world

“Don’t think you will start a business and a year down the line you are the big guy in town.”

Flight comparison site wants to transform East African aviation

How we made it in Africa talks to the founders of

Rwandan fashion brand says hunger for African products will only grow stronger

How we made it in Africa talks to the CEO of fashion brand Mille Collines. – a startup with a new model for education in Nigeria

“Our current education system can’t meet our demand,” says Fehintolu Olaogun, co-founder of

Working from a cyber café ‘office’ for six months: The inspiring story of JamboPay

How we made it in Africa talks to JamboPay founder Danson Muchemi.

How a teenager started Uganda’s first paper bag manufacturing company

Award winning entrepreneur, Andrew Mupuya, was 16 when he came up with the idea to manufacture paper bags in Uganda.

Nigerian shoemaker on finding her passion

Elizabeth Ojelua’s handmade shoes and bags are gaining a following in Nigeria.

Inventor of waterless bath says business is a hustle

“The biggest challenge I see with young entrepreneurs is not sitting down and doing the research.”

Cars, cake and hotels – a family business grabbing opportunities

Kenyan CEO tells how he designs solutions to business problems.

App tackles South Africa’s language barrier one phrase at a time

The Aweza app translates useful phrases in South Africa’s 11 official languages.

Why a Kenyan TV reporter turned to farming chickens

“If your only motivation is to make money then you are getting into the wrong business.”

Entrepreneurship a solution to unemployment in South Africa

Rather than waiting to find a job, young people are staring their own businesses.

Mark Kaigwa carving a niche as Kenya’s social media expert

Tech entrepreneur has released a report documenting social media trends across the continent.

Celebrated Ethiopian entrepreneur behind soleRebels reveals her next big idea

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu launches online business, Republic of Leather.

Kenyan startup makes finding a job easier

Duma Works “does job matching for people”.