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Top entrepreneur Jennifer Riria proved that women are bankable

Microfinance banker Jennifer Riria explains why she built a business around providing finance to Kenyan women.

Tomato paste and noodles: Olam bullish about food processing in Africa

Adding value in Africa is expensive but worth it, says agribusiness and food company Olam.

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals: An untapped opportunity

To be able to generate wealth and give its future generations a chance, Africa must take ownership of its health.

Kenya’s private security industry booming due to terror threats

Since last year’s Westgate mall shooting, demand for private security has increased.

Certain guerrilla tactics required to develop energy projects in Africa

Investec team shares learnings from financing and developing a power project in Mozambique.

The four main barriers to talent mobility in Africa

It is often easier to employ a skilled non-African expatriate than a skilled African expatriate.

Top businessman’s view on the real reasons for Africa’s economic growth

Nigerian businessman Hakeem Belo-Osagie’s take on the ‘Africa rising’ debate.

E-commerce could challenge bricks and mortar retail in Africa

Online retailers such as Zando and Jumia have ambitious growth plans.

Five big and controversial ideas that can transform Africa

Challenging conventional wisdom isn’t always easy.

Has Africa lost its place at the head of the mobile payments innovation race?

From the moment M-Pesa launched in Kenya in 2007, Africa was heralded as the leader in mobile payment services.

Brain gain: An MBA no longer enough to land the perfect job back in Africa

Many Africans are returning home from abroad, but the transition is not always easy.

How to get ahead in life: Thoughts from Kenya’s top young professionals

How we made it in Africa talks to some of the finalists of the Rising Star Awards.

Kenya’s new hotels and restaurants creating opportunities for interior contractors

“We are seeing more demand for our services as more new hotels near completion.”

Why illegal fishing off Africa’s coast must be stopped

Rising global demand for fish has made African waters a magnet for fleets from around the world.

Can Kenya’s tourism industry bounce back from terror attacks?

Over the last 12 months Kenya has suffered numerous terror attacks that have killed close to 200 people and dented the country’s image abroad.