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Working for Aliko Dangote like doing an MBA, says Zambian entrepreneur

Talking business and entrepreneurship in Zambia with Monica Musonda, founder of Java Foods.

Forcing Tanzanian mobile operators to list an ‘extreme’ move

“To force a private company to become a listed company without any regard to the maturity of the stock market is extreme.”

Unlocking the potential of Africa’s national oil companies

African national oil companies need sufficient resources and backing to achieve their mandates.

Capturing lower-income consumers: A look at Pep’s model in Africa

Pep has an aggressive expansion plan for the continent.

‘People in technology age faster,’ says CEO Manoj Shanker

“Technology jobs bring a lot of money but it also comes with a hell of a lot of stress.”

‘Very smart young people’ help drive Techno Brain Group

How we made it in Africa speaks to Manoj Shanker, CEO of Techno Brain.

When good is not good enough for 40m Tanzanians

In 2012, the average working Tanzanian earned the equivalent of US$1,200, which is lower than the average for sub-Saharan Africa.

Corporate social responsibility or corporate self promotion?

“How can companies that produce products that are polluting the environment have a strong reputation for social and environmental responsibility?”

West Africa/Ebola: Getting the right narrative and focusing on the bigger picture

Ebola is a major tragedy and need to be fought with all necessary resources, yet there are bigger economic issues out there to watch.

Breaking rules: Talking Nigerian showbiz with Nollywood pioneer

“We don’t want to win Oscars. Believe me; we are not interested in that stuff. We want an effective product that will make money.”

Africa Tech Trends: Bitcoin slowly but surely growing in Africa

It is too early to say whether it will truly take off, but Bitcoin is arriving in Africa.

Political instability – both an opportunity and challenge for business

“Political instability and change can inspire action… but it can also bring the business to a halt at other times.”

Two steps to kick-start South Africa’s economy

Adrian Saville, CIO of Cannon Asset Managers, looks at ways to boost the South African economy

Introducing the ‘Made in Uganda’ electric car

Uganda’s ambitious electric vehicle project.

Technology at the top of African CEOs’ agendas

Africa is currently undergoing a rapid and deep digital revolution.