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Africa Tech Trends: Co-operation now the name of the game

Africa Tech Trends is a column by Tom Jackson focusing on developments in Africa’s technology industry.

Gated serviced farms: The next hot real estate trend?

Bringing together property development and agriculture.

Executive education: Caroline Mutoko on why you should go back to school

Kenyan media queen on how she benefited from executive education.

Africa’s ‘Davos’ of top new generation leaders

Harnet Bokrezion talks to Rakhee Mediratta, chief operating officer of the African Leadership Network.

Digital music in Africa: Demand for local driving growth

For the growing number of online music platforms operating in Africa, providing users access to local music and artists is vital to business.

Profile: US-born entrepreneur Elias Schulze’s African adventure

The Africa CEO of believes success is all about having the right mentality.

Business fades at Nigeria’s traditional dye pits

For at least five centuries, people in the northern Nigerian city of Kano have dyed cloth in open-air pits and sold it across the region.

Unpacking credit card usage in Africa

Credit card usage in Africa trails other continents significantly.

Boosting the smartphone in Africa: Strategies by industry players

Research firm Informa Telecoms & Media predicts that by 2018 smartphone connections on the continent will rise from 79m in 2012 to 412m.

Bringing MAC cosmetics to Kenya a dream come true for local entrepreneur

After trying for many years to launch the MAC brand in Kenya, Joyce Gikunda has finally reached her goal.

Africa needs to fully leverage its oil and gas resources

Much of Africa’s recent economic growth has been a direct result of the positive momentum achieved in oil and gas production.

What it means to be middle class in the Republic of the Congo

Republic of Congo: everyone is poor in this small oil-producing country, the middle class just less so.

Why Africa’s middle-class statistics are questionable

Until data collection and analysis used to measure income distribution improve, the continent’s statistics are unreliable.

Building a tea and avocado empire in Tanzania

How we made it in Africa looks at Tanzanian company Tatepa’s tea and avocado empire.

Made in Kenya: Pharmaceutical firm has pan-African ambitions

Kenya’s Dawa Limited wants to expand its reach across 30 African countries.