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The cost for banks that ignore mobile wallets would be severe

Banks that don’t connect their clients to mobile wallets risk becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Cameroon must roar: at a 7% minimum

I am convinced Cameroon can do much better economically.

Don’t write off South Africa just yet, says Standard Bank CEO

“Yes, there are issues. There are service delivery protests, there are strikes, but those are illustrative of a healthy democracy.”

The rise of Africa’s banking champions

There has been a rapid expansion of banking activities across the continent in recent years.

Getting on with life in Nairobi in an age of terrorism

“We shouldn’t let fear paralyse all aspects of our lives.”

Africa’s economy set for dramatic changes

An interview with Carlos Lopes, the executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa.

Foreign-born development fantasies will make African cities a nightmare

African cities have become the world’s next property investment frontier.

‘People need to see Africa as it is’, says billionaire Mo Ibrahim

In light of the US-Africa Leaders Summit, Mo Ibrahim highlights some of the common misconceptions concerning Africa.

‘While the US may be late to the party, it has a lot to offer Africa’

“US companies can do very well in Africa provided they put in the effort to understand the continent’s markets in detail.”

Johannesburg – the Empire City strikes back

Johannesburg, South Africa’s economic capital, makes a comeback after white flight, overcrowding and neglect led to the decline of the inner city.

Jovago hopes to make online hotel bookings the norm in East Africa

How we made it in Africa talks to Estelle Verdier, head of hotel booking site Jovago in East Africa.

Africa’s local dynamos: Five companies changing the rules of business

These “local dynamos” are winning customers through innovative business models.

US-Africa trade: A look at the real issues around AGOA

How successful has AGOA been in the past 14 years and what future does it hold for Africa?

Is South Africa really at threat of being excluded from AGOA?

Experts debate the future of AGOA for South Africa and what it would mean for Africa if the country was excluded.

The glory and pitfalls of the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit

Nigerians’ desire for upward social mobility is the driving force of the country’s entrepreneurial spirit.