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African businesses face a vast array of risks and the correct risk management policies need to be identified and in place.

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Jannie Mouton talks about how he managed to pick himself up after being fired, and start one of South Africa’s most successful companies.

Five e-commerce tips from industry experts

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How and where to access Africa’s growth

How can investors access Africa’s growth efficiently and effectively?

Entrepreneurs to think differently about new year resolutions

“While many people have made various resolutions for 2015, yours, as an entrepreneur, may be a little different to others.”

Targeting the African consumer: Why size often matters

According to Michael Wood, founder of Aperio, a common mistake made by consumer-facing companies in Africa is getting their product sizes wrong.

Avoiding common business mistakes in 2015

Many business owners repeat simple mistakes that could have been avoided.

Three tips for marketing to consumers in townships

How we made it in Africa asked Anisa Kale to share some of her advice for strategically marketing to lower-end consumers in townships.

Surviving bankruptcy: An entrepreneur’s tips for dealing with business failure

“The way one gets out of a big hole in business, is very simple – stop digging,” says Maneesh Garg.