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Take a step back to think about the risks

Listing, assessing and managing the risks associated with your business is a good step to take.

Five business strategies to increase your success in Africa

Careful and strategic planning is the key to exponential success in Africa, says consultant Dr Harnet Bokrezion.

Black Like Me founder Herman Mashaba’s advice for entrepreneurs

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Geldof and Obasanjo on creating a better harvest for African agriculture

While the continent boasts 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, one in four Africans still go hungry.

Anzisha Prize judges share what they look for in the next generation of innovators

Passion, energy, enthusiasm and a drive to succeed mark out successful entrepreneurs.

Joanne Mwangi’s six tips for success in entrepreneurship

Be committed, know your industry and listen to advice, says award-winning Kenyan marketer.

No business is too small for a proper budget

Thorough budgeting is beneficial to a business as it clearly impacts on its long-term growth prospects.

Ten global communication trends companies need to know about

The digital era has dramatically changed the way companies and brands engage with their customers and other stakeholders.

Advice to the African diaspora considering moving back home

Africans, who have returned to the continent for work purposes, share their thoughts.

Five lessons I learnt about entrepreneurship from playing in a band

“Being in a band and chasing the magic fame dragon isn’t all that different to being an entrepreneur.”

Tips for addressing Africa’s diversity

The size, diversity, complexity and volatility of Africa raise challenging organisational questions for companies.

Michael Jordaan compares winemaking and venture capital

Just like winemaking, growing a business requires patience and passion.

Five points to bear in mind before starting a business

Linda Descano shares her thoughts on getting your own company off to a good start.

A tool to help you make those difficult decisions

Wolfgang Fengler shares his decision matrix to assist in weighing up options and listing priorities.