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Bust or boom? Oil prices and Africa

The massive drop in petroleum prices may be a blessing in disguise for many African countries.

South Africans need to ponder what ‘going to Africa’ means

Do South Africans truly believe theirs is just another African country?

Consumer preferences in Africa a stew of nuance and complexity

“Companies that fail to dig deep into the consumer psyche in African markets before making a move are bound to fail.”

Failure in Nigeria is often due to poor business strategies

Although Woolworths hasn’t gained success in Nigeria, many other South African retailers have done good business.

High African growth rates distort the real development image

“How many times have you heard that many of the fastest-growing economies in the world at the moment are in Africa?”

Battle of the brands about to begin in Africa

“Some of the world’s fastest-growing economies are here and international brands want a piece of the action.”

With improved governance, Nigeria may yet be a Bric hopeful

The Nigerian presidential race is effectively done and dusted — even though the poll is scheduled for April.

Vainglorious waterway quest leaves presidents stranded

Three African presidents stood on a river bank recently, waiting for their boat to come in. It never arrived. This is no metaphor.

Cement in booming but SA firms in danger of losing out

A quick survey of the cement industry in Africa north of the Limpopo suggests that contrary to South Africa’s post-World Cup blues, Africa is awash with construction plans, constrained only by a shortage of cement.

Oil is a far cry from being Africa’s curse

There is no African oil curse, maintains global oil and gas expert Dr Duncan Clarke, only an inherited and continuing curse of politics.

Niger Delta: Building a new city alongside the old

In Nigeria’s colonial era, the city of Port Harcourt was favoured by the British rulers as a place to live because of its balmy weather, extensive gardens, sound infrastructure and access to the Atlantic Ocean.

Rudderless SA may miss out on new scramble for Africa

If South Africa does not wake up to the benefits of having a proper multi-stakeholder Africa strategy it will be left out in the cold in the new scramble for the continent.

Clean up heralds new era for Nigerian exchange

The recent firing of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) CEO highlights a gradual move to a new standard of corporate governance in Nigeria.

African success stories show need to think from the ground up

In 1993, Equity Building Society in Kenya was declared technically insolvent; in 2010 it claims more than half of Kenya’s banked population as its customers.

South Africa must play by Africa’s business rules

Are South African companies damaging relationships with other African countries by not playing by the rules?