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Nigeria’s real estate sector – what to expect in 2011

Is the storm over? Alitheia Capital gives a review of Nigeria’s real estate sector in 2010 and tells us what to expect in 2011.

Public private partnerships – the answer to Nigeria’s infrastructure problems?

Nigeria’s infrastructure challenge is huge and the involvement of the private sector is not just desirous, but necessary.

How effective are Lagos’ model city plans?

Using the Ikoyi-Victoria Island Model City Plan (MCP) as a case study, we look at the effectiveness of Lagos State’s MCPs. The article highlights some of the key factors affecting its successful implementation and proffers ideas to achieve better and more effective monitoring and control processes.

Challenges and benefits of “going green” in Nigeria

Nigeria is confronted with several peculiar challenges which make a green agenda appear unattainable. Top of these include the solutions that have been adopted because of the inefficiencies in the energy and transportation systems, as well as waste management. The building industry also has its peculiar handicaps.